See the Tuned BMW M3 CS Hit its Speed Limiter on the Autobahn

The BMW M3 CS is a high-powered machine that doesn’t lack for power, with a twin-turbo straight-six engine that produces 543 horsepower. However, the M3 CS in a recent video featured on the AutoTopNL YouTube channel has been modified by H&H Performance to produce an impressive 750 hp. The host of the video wastes no time in testing the car’s limits on the German Autobahn, reaching speeds that come close to the car’s electronically limited top speed of 304 km/h (189 mph). Despite hitting the limiter multiple times in the video, it’s clear that the car has the potential to go even faster if it weren’t restricted by the electronic limiter.

**Unleashing the Power**
The video showcases the immense power of the modified BMW M3 CS, as it effortlessly accelerates to high speeds on the Autobahn. The engine modifications by H&H Performance have made a significant impact on the car’s performance, with the host describing the experience behind the wheel as feeling like 600 horsepower rather than the stated 543 hp. The car’s acceleration is rapid and continuous, indicating that it has much more to offer beyond its limited top speed.

**Reaching the Limit**

Despite the electronic speed limiter preventing the car from reaching its full potential, the BMW M3 CS demonstrates its capabilities as a high-performance vehicle. Each accelerated run on the Autobahn shows the car’s ability to handle the high speeds and power output, with the driver showcasing precise control and handling even at close to 200 mph. The car’s performance remains consistent and impressive throughout the video, hinting at the untapped power waiting to be unleashed.

**Potential for Greater Speed**

With the limited top speed of 304 km/h (189 mph) being reached repeatedly, it’s evident that the modified BMW M3 CS has the potential to go even faster. The car continues to pull strongly even at its electronically restricted speed, suggesting that it could easily surpass the 200 mph mark if given the opportunity. The combination of the powerful engine and skilled control showcased in the video raises the question of how fast the car could truly go without the speed limiter hindering its performance.

**Future Possibilities**

As the video comes to a close, there is a sense of anticipation for what the future holds for the modified BMW M3 CS. The removal of the electronic speed limiter could unlock the car’s full potential and allow it to reach even greater speeds on the Autobahn. The impressive performance displayed in the video sets the stage for future tests and modifications that could further enhance the car’s capabilities and push it to new limits.

In conclusion, the BMW M3 CS modified by H&H Performance proves to be a high-powered machine with the potential for even greater speed and performance. The video on the AutoTopNL channel highlights the car’s impressive acceleration and handling, hinting at the untapped power that lies within. With the right modifications and adjustments, the car could push past its current limits and redefine what it means to be a high-performance vehicle on the road.

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