Save up to 30% at the REI Outlet Mega Sale on Outdoor Gear June 6-10


REI Outlet is offering an enticing promotion that allows outdoor enthusiasts to stock up on high-quality gear at unbeatable prices. From tents and backpacks to hiking boots and outdoor apparel, this sale is the perfect opportunity to prepare for summer adventures without breaking the bank. With savings of up to 30% off, the “Get More, Save More” promotion runs from June 6th to June 10th, providing a limited-time chance to upgrade your outdoor gear collection. Read on to discover some of the top brands and products included in this exciting sale.

Stock Up on The North Face

The North Face is a renowned brand synonymous with outdoor adventure and exploration. Known for its high-quality jackets, backpacks, and apparel, The North Face combines innovation with durability. REI’s sale on The North Face gear is a golden opportunity to snag versatile products for your next outdoor escapade without breaking the bank.

Invest in Sustainable Patagonia Gear

Patagonia is a pioneer in sustainable and eco-friendly outdoor clothing. Shopping for Patagonia gear at REI during sales not only gets you top-notch outdoor clothing but also aligns with those who support eco-conscious brands. With a commitment to environmental responsibility, Patagonia products offer both quality and sustainability.

Explore Performance with Arc’teryx

Arc’teryx is revered for its technical precision and performance-driven gear. From lightweight jackets to rugged backpacks, Arc’teryx products are engineered for extreme conditions. REI’s sales on Arc’teryx items are a chance to invest in gear that delivers uncompromising performance during your adventures.

Support the Outdoor Community with REI Co-op

REI Co-op’s in-house brand offers a wide range of outdoor equipment and clothing designed with input from outdoor enthusiasts. Shopping for REI Co-op gear during sales allows you to support a brand deeply connected to the outdoor community. Known for reliability and affordability, REI Co-op products are a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts.

Embrace Comfort and Performance with Smartwool

Smartwool is a go-to brand for high-quality, merino wool-based clothing and accessories. Their gear excels in moisture-wicking, temperature regulation, and comfort. During REI’s sales, you can score Smartwool items that provide the ultimate in comfort and performance for various outdoor activities, such as hiking, skiing, and cold-weather adventures.

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