Rivian’s Latest Battery Cell Could Surpass Tesla’s in Performance

In the automotive industry, innovation is a constant driving force with battery cells being a major game changer. Rivian, an electric vehicle manufacturer, recently released details regarding a new model and introduced a battery cell that could potentially revolutionize the industry. The launch of the Rivian’s anticipated R2 SUV and additional model R3 has caught the attention of many. However, the true star of the show might actually be their newly introduced 4695 battery cell. This article delves deeper into the details of this exciting development.

The Anticipated Rivian R2 SUV

Rivian certainly knows how to make a grand entrance. The firm unveiled its hotly-anticipated R2 SUV starting at $45,000. However, it did not stop there. It also introduced another model, the R3, successfully leaving its audience in awe. Both vehicles are underpinned by the new 4695 battery cell from Rivian, adding another layer of intrigue.

The Rivian 4695 Battery Cell

The 4695 battery cell owes its name to its diameter of 46 millimeters and height of 95 millimeters. It is reported to be larger than Tesla’s 4680 cells. If the chemistry is similar — likely conventional lithium-ion — a larger cell allows for a higher energy hold. The new 4695 can potentially carry more power than the 4680, promising some interesting developments.

Rivian’s Edge with Larger Cell Size

One prominent benefit of larger cell size is the ability to charge and discharge at higher rates. This suggests that the R2 model could charge faster and offer more peak power if sourced from a 4680 pack. Also, the vehicle’s regenerative braking might be stronger, which could lead to efficiency gains. But, how do other manufacturers fare in this cell size game?

Other Players in the 4695 Game

Rivian is not alone in exploring the 4695 territory. BMW, another automotive heavyweight, has revealed samples of a comparable cell it plans to incorporate into its Neue Klasse EV range from 2025. Additionally, prominent battery manufacturers like Samsung SDI, Panasonic, and LG are also reportedly producing cells of this size.

The 4695 Batteries Specifications

Even though detailed specs for Rivian’s 4695 cell are not available, we could make some educated assumptions. By reviewing the images from the R2 reveal, it appears that the vehicle’s power pack consists of three large modules housing a total of 272 cells. This configuration, when wired, would support a module voltage of 979.2V; significantly high.

In conclusion, Rivian’s new 4695 battery cells suggest a significant step forward. It holds the promise of a level of performance equalling, if not surpassing, that of its competitor, Tesla. This innovation potentially places Rivian as a strong contender in the EV industry.

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