Rivian Unveils R3 and R3X Electric SUVs as Unexpected Siblings to R2


At the recent reveal of the Rivian R2, a smaller counterpart to the R1S electric SUV, company CEO RJ Scaringe surprised the audience with the announcement of a new addition to the Rivian lineup – the R3. This compact SUV boasts unique dimensions and features that set it apart from its siblings. In addition to the R3, Rivian also announced a sporty R3X version, showcasing the brand’s commitment to innovation and style.

**Compact and Stylish Design:**
The Rivian R3 is smaller than the R2, with a shorter wheelbase and tighter dimensions. The rear of the car features a distinctive raked window on the liftgate, allowing for easier access and accommodating longer cargo. This unique design element, known as “flipper glass,” adds functionality and style to the R3.

**Convenience and Versatility:**
Building on the success of the R2, the R3 offers a range of convenient features, including fold-flat seating in all rows and multiple storage compartments, such as two glove boxes and a frunk. The vehicle is designed for versatility, with the ability to transform into a comfortable camping space with an air mattress.

**Powerful Performance Options:**
The Rivian R3 will be available with single-, dual-, and triple-motor setups, offering consumers a range of performance options to suit their driving needs. With a driving range of over 300 miles, the R3 is poised to deliver an efficient and powerful driving experience.

**Introducing the R3X:**
In addition to the R3, Rivian unveiled the R3X, a sportier version of the compact SUV. Featuring a wider wheel and tire stance, as well as a tri-motor setup, the R3X promises a more dynamic and engaging driving experience. The interior of the R3X showcases unique materials and textures, creating a “rugged playful” atmosphere.

**Production and Pricing:**
While the production timing of the R3 models has yet to be announced, Rivian plans to begin deliveries of the R2 in the first half of 2026. The company has hinted that the R3 will have a lower starting price than the R2, making it an attractive option for consumers seeking an affordable electric SUV. As Rivian continues to expand its lineup, customers can expect to see more exciting developments in the future.

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