Rimac introduces Verne brand for fleet of autonomous robo-taxis

Mate Rimac, the founder of Rimac, has recently launched a new brand called Verne that is set to revolutionize the automotive industry. Verne is focused on developing and operating a fleet of autonomous electric taxis in busy cities around the world. Named after the renowned French poet and novelist Jules Verne, the brand’s robotaxi is a cutting-edge two-seater vehicle designed exclusively for autonomous ride-hailing. Equipped with advanced self-driving technology, including cameras, radars, lidar, and Mobileye’s Drive software platform, the Verne robotaxi offers a unique experience for urban commuters.

**Innovative Design and Technology**
The Verne robotaxi features a sleek wedge-shaped design, with space for two passengers and a range of cutting-edge features. The interior is designed to provide a luxurious and comfortable experience, with reclining seats, a center console with a tablet and buttons, and a massive 43-inch screen on the dashboard. This design focuses on user experience, offering more interior space than a Rolls-Royce and ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride for passengers.

**User-Centric Features**
One of the key features of the Verne robotaxi is the addition of the Median button on the center console, which allows passengers to start and stop the ride with a single touch. This user-friendly feature aims to build trust among passengers who may be hesitant about autonomous technology. Additionally, the app-based service allows users to customize their ride experience by setting the ambient lighting and adjusting the climate control system before the vehicle arrives.

**Efficient Operations and Maintenance**
Verne’s robotaxis will be operated via an app-based service that allows users to request a ride and customize their experience. After completing a shift, the vehicles will autonomously return to a designated Mothership for inspection, cleaning, maintenance, and charging. This strategic approach ensures that the robotaxis are always in top condition and ready to hit the road the next day. By learning from past car-sharing services like Autolib’, Verne aims to provide a seamless and efficient transportation experience for its users.

**Expansion Plans**
Verne plans to manufacture its robotaxis in a new facility near Zagreb, Croatia, and will initially launch its service in Zagreb in 2026. The brand has already signed agreements with 11 cities and is in talks with over 30 more cities globally to establish a network of Motherships. While the official plans for expansion into the U.S. have not been announced, it is clear that Verne is set to make a significant impact on the future of autonomous transportation worldwide.

In conclusion, Verne’s innovative approach to autonomous electric taxis represents a significant step forward in the automotive industry. With a focus on user experience, advanced technology, and efficient operations, Verne is poised to transform urban transportation and provide a sustainable solution for busy cities around the world. As the brand continues to expand and establish its presence in the global market, it is clear that the future of mobility is in safe and capable hands with Verne.

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