Recalls for Tesla Cybertruck affect almost 12,000 vehicles

Tesla’s Cybertruck has been hit with two new recalls, affecting nearly 12,000 vehicles in total. These recalls are not related to software updates and require physical fixes. The first recall involves replacing the front windshield wiper motor due to potential failure caused by excessive electrical current. The second recall addresses trunk bed trim sail applique pieces that may have been improperly adhered and could pose a safety hazard if they fall off. Both recalls will be addressed by Tesla service for free.

Tesla has issued two new recalls for its Cybertruck models, impacting nearly 12,000 vehicles. These recalls require physical fixes and are not related to software updates like many of Tesla’s previous recalls.

Recall 1: Front Windshield Wiper Motor Replacement
The first recall involves replacing the front windshield wiper motor in 11,688 Cybertrucks. The issue is caused by excessive electrical current, which can lead to the motor controller failing. This could result in the wipers not functioning properly, posing a safety risk. Tesla will replace the affected parts at no cost to the customers.

Recall 2: Trunk Bed Trim Sail Applique Replacement
The second recall affects 11,383 Cybertrucks and addresses improperly adhered trunk bed trim sail applique pieces. If these pieces fall off, they could pose a danger to vehicles following the Cybertrucks. Tesla will either apply adhesion promoter and pressure sensitive tape or replace the missing applique pieces as necessary, free of charge.

Impact on Customers
Most Cybertrucks that have been delivered to customers are likely affected by both recalls. While the total numbers differ slightly due to some vehicles receiving fixes at the factory, it’s important for all affected customers to schedule appointments with Tesla service to address these issues promptly.

Despite these recalls, Tesla’s commitment to customer safety and satisfaction remains a top priority. By addressing these issues promptly and at no cost to customers, Tesla continues to demonstrate its dedication to providing top-quality electric vehicles. Customers are encouraged to contact Tesla service to schedule appointments for the necessary repairs to ensure the safety of their Cybertrucks.

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