Ranking All 50 U.S. License Plates, with California Coming Out on Top

American license plates are more than just a functional piece of identification on vehicles – they are a form of art that varies by state. From colorful and iconic designs to symbolic representations of the state’s identity, license plates offer a unique glimpse into the culture and personality of each state. This article provides a comprehensive ranking of all 50 United States license plates, taking into account factors like aesthetics, symbolism, and overall design appeal.

The Colorful Classics:
1. Colorado
2. New Mexico
3. Vermont
4. Hawaii
5. Delaware
The Colorful Classics category showcases license plates that have stood the test of time with unique and iconic designs that represent each state effectively.

Symbolic, Distinctive, and Tidy:
6. Rhode Island
7. New York
8. Nevada
9. Maine
10. Minnesota
This category features license plates that are not only visually appealing but also tell a story about the state’s identity through symbolic imagery and clean design elements.

Vibrant, Distinctive, Symbolic, probably going to clash:
11. North Dakota
12. Oregon
13. Idaho
14. Utah
This category highlights plates that are vibrant and distinctive but may face issues when paired with certain car colors due to their bold designs.

A little too classic:
15. Alaska
16. Montana
17. Texas
This tier features plates with classic designs that may feel a bit outdated or lack visual interest compared to newer and more innovative designs.

18. New Jersey
19. Mississippi
20. Louisiana
The acceptable category includes plates that meet the basic criteria for a good license plate design but may not stand out in terms of creativity or visual appeal.

Distinctive and symbolic but busy:
21. North Carolina
22. Washington
23. Wyoming
24. South Dakota
This category features unique plates that incorporate symbolic elements but may appear busy due to the inclusion of multiple design elements.

Toon Town:
25. Alabama
26. Indiana
27. Ohio
28. Georgia
In the Toon Town category, plates with cartoonish or overly busy designs are ranked, showcasing plates that may not be visually appealing to all viewers.

29. Oklahoma
30. Tennessee
31. South Carolina
32. Iowa
Plates in the Fail category feature designs that are either too busy, confusing, or lack aesthetic appeal, making them less desirable compared to other state plates.

Bad hombre:
33. Kentucky
34. Maryland
Plates in the Bad hombre category have designs that may lack creativity, cohesiveness, or visual appeal, making them less desirable choices for vehicle identification.

You’re just not trying:
35. Virginia
36. Massachusetts
37. Pennsylvania
38. Michigan
39. California
Plates in the You’re just not trying category showcase plates with unappealing designs that lack effort, creativity, or visual interest, ultimately ranking them as the least desirable license plates in the United States.

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