Production of the Toyota S-FR concept approved and greenlit

Toyota has long been known for producing reliable and practical vehicles, but the Japanese automaker also has a rich history of producing exciting sports cars. The Toyota Supra, MR2, and Celica have all been beloved by enthusiasts for their performance and driving dynamics. In recent years, there has been much speculation about the revival of these iconic models, with the Supra making a comeback in 2019. Now, rumors of a new Toyota sports car based on the S-FR concept have enthusiasts buzzing with excitement.

The speculation about a new Toyota sports car began when Chairman and ex-CEO Akio Toyota expressed his desire for a sports car trio consisting of “three brothers” – the Supra at the top, followed by the GR86, and then a smaller, lighter model similar to the MR2. Rumors from Best Car magazine in Japan suggested that Toyota was collaborating with partners such as Subaru and Suzuki on a mid-engined hybrid sports car. More recent reports from Best Car indicate that executives have approved the production of a new sports car based on the S-FR concept.

The S-FR concept was first unveiled at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Show as a compact 2+2 sports car with a front-engine, rear-drive layout. While details about the mechanical specifications of the S-FR have not been confirmed, the concept showcased a lightweight design with optimal weight distribution. If the new Toyota sports car is indeed based on the S-FR concept, it could be significantly smaller than the MR2 and be positioned as a competitor to sports cars like the Mazda MX-5 Miata.

Speculations suggest that the new Toyota sports car will be a collaborative effort, with Toyota providing the chassis and front suspension, Suzuki contributing a turbocharged 1.3-liter engine with around 148 horsepower, and Daihatsu offering easy-to-swap body panels for customization. This unique partnership could result in a versatile platform that allows for the creation of multiple vehicle variants.

It is believed that the new Toyota sports car will cater to the Japanese and European markets, similar to the limited-production GR Yaris. The development of the S-FR concept was reportedly influenced by Toyota and Daihatsu’s collaboration on a subcompact hatchback for rally competition. Additionally, the Toyota FT-SE concept, a battery-electric sports car showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show, hints at Toyota’s commitment to producing lightweight and performance-oriented vehicles.

Overall, the revival of iconic Toyota sports cars like the MR2 and the introduction of a new sports car based on the S-FR concept indicate that Toyota is dedicated to catering to enthusiasts and reviving its sports car heritage. With the new sports car rumored to enter production in the coming years, enthusiasts can look forward to a new wave of exciting and dynamic Toyota vehicles that pay homage to the brand’s rich history in the world of sports cars.

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