Potential Return of the Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback and Montero

In 2017, Mitsubishi resurrected the Eclipse nameplate for an SUV, and now they are considering doing the same with the Montero and Lancer Sportback names. Despite not being used in the US since 2006, Mitsubishi has filed a trademark for the Montero name with the US Patent and Trademark Office, suggesting the name could make a comeback on a future Mitsubishi vehicle. Additionally, a trademark filing for “Lancer Sportback” is currently under appeal after initially being refused by the USPTO. This filing is particularly interesting as it could potentially be Mitsubishi’s version of the next-generation Leaf, as the company is partnering with Nissan to bring new hybrid and electric models to the US market.

### Reviving Classic Names
The revival of classic Mitsubishi names like Montero and Lancer Sportback raises questions about the direction the company is headed in terms of its model lineup. While these names have a strong history and recognition, putting them on unappealing SUVs like the Eclipse Cross may not be the best way to capitalize on their nostalgia. It remains to be seen how Mitsubishi will execute the use of these iconic names on future vehicles.

### Potential New Models
With rumors circulating about a new Mitsubishi truck for the US market and a production version of the D:X Concept that could become the next Delica, enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting more information about the brand’s upcoming lineup. If the Lancer Sportback trademark is granted, it could signal Mitsubishi’s entry into the electric vehicle market with its own version of the Leaf. These potential new models show a shift towards more environmentally friendly vehicles, in line with global trends towards sustainability.

### Partnership with Nissan
Mitsubishi’s collaboration with Nissan on hybrid and electric models is a significant move for the Japanese automaker. By leveraging Nissan’s expertise in this area, Mitsubishi is positioning itself to compete in the growing market for alternative fuel vehicles. The partnership could lead to innovative and exciting new models that appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

### Production Timeline
While the details about Mitsubishi’s future models are still speculative, the timeline for production indicates that we may not see these vehicles on the road until 2025 for the 2026 model year. This extended timeline allows Mitsubishi to refine its designs and technologies to meet the evolving needs of the market. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, Mitsubishi’s strategic approach to introducing new models demonstrates its commitment to staying competitive in a rapidly changing landscape.

### Conclusion
From trademark filings for classic names like Montero and Lancer Sportback to potential new models and a partnership with Nissan, Mitsubishi is making strategic moves to position itself for the future. While the exact details of these plans remain uncertain, the company’s focus on hybrid and electric vehicles indicates a commitment to sustainability and innovation. As consumers await the release of these new models, Mitsubishi has the opportunity to redefine its brand and capture a new generation of drivers looking for eco-friendly and technologically advanced vehicles.

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