Possibility of BMW M3 continuing with straight-six engine reignites

BMW has been surrounded by rumors regarding the next-generation M3 potentially going electric, but the company has yet to confirm anything. However, according to a report from BMW Blog citing anonymous sources, BMW is allegedly planning to offer two versions of the next-generation M3: one with a twin-turbocharged straight-six engine and another with electric power. The gasoline-powered variant, known internally as G84, is expected to debut in 2027 or 2028 and will be based on the upcoming G50-generation 3 Series. On the other hand, the electric M3, internally referred to as ZA0, is expected to debut after 2027.

#### Gasoline Variant of the Next-Generation M3
Details surrounding the gasoline variant of the next-generation M3 include the use of an evolution of the current model’s 3.0-liter straight-six engine. This variant is expected to make its debut in the late 2020s and will be based on the upcoming G50-generation 3 Series. The specific performance specifications of this model have yet to be confirmed.

#### Electric Variant of the Next-Generation M3
The electric variant of the next-generation M3, known internally as ZA0, is expected to be introduced after 2027. However, technical details such as the drivetrain configuration, driving range, and horsepower have not been disclosed. It remains uncertain if the electric variant will have a similar design to the gasoline variant or if BMW will adopt a different approach for its electric M3 model.

#### Future of the M4 Model
While BMW is rumored to be working on both gasoline and electric versions of the next-generation M3, there seems to be uncertainty regarding the future of the M4 model. The report suggests that BMW may not be planning a gasoline successor to the current M4 model, which is available as a coupe and a convertible. However, it is important to note that these production plans are subject to change, and there is no official confirmation from BMW regarding the fate of the M4 model.

#### Updates to the Current M3
While the future of the next-generation M3 remains uncertain, BMW Blog has reported that the current M3 model will receive updates in 2024. These updates are expected to align with recent changes made to the M4 model, although specific details about the updates have not been disclosed. It is possible that these updates will serve as a bridge between the current M3 model and the anticipated next-generation M3 models.

In conclusion, while rumors suggest that the next-generation BMW M3 may offer both gasoline and electric powertrain options, BMW has not officially confirmed these reports. As BMW continues to explore electrification in its lineup, the future of iconic models like the M3 and M4 remains intriguing for automotive enthusiasts. Only time will tell what BMW has in store for these beloved performance models.

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