Polestar CEO Resigns as Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Confronts Falling Stock Prices

Polestar’s Chairman to Step Down Amid Board Shuffle

Polestar, an electric vehicle maker, is undergoing a significant board shuffle that includes the stepping down of chairman Håkan Samuelsson, who will be replaced by current director Winfried Vahland. This change comes as Polestar grapples with operational challenges and stock woes, including a steady decline in its share price since going public via a blank-check merger in 2022.

Operational Challenges and Stock Woes

Since its listing, Polestar has faced various operational challenges, such as a slower-than-expected ramp-up in manufacturing and a cooling demand for electric vehicles. These issues have contributed to a decline in the company’s share price and have led to concerns about potential delisting by Nasdaq due to a failure to file required financial reports on time. Samuelsson, a key figure in Polestar’s stock market listings, has been instrumental in the company’s journey alongside Volvo, its parent company.

Ownership Changes and Financial Pressures

Earlier this year, Volvo distributed a significant portion of its Polestar stake to shareholders in an effort to alleviate pressure on its balance sheet. This move was intended to provide Polestar with a more defined and diversified ownership structure and position it as a strong, independent brand within the Geely ecosystem. Despite these measures, Polestar’s shares have continued to decline, resulting in a market valuation of $1.5 billion for the company.

Proposed Board Changes and Future Outlook

In light of these challenges, Polestar has proposed new directors, Christine Gorjanc and Xiaojie Shen, to join the board. The company is seeking to navigate its way through the current operational and financial difficulties and position itself for future success in the competitive electric vehicle market.


The changes within Polestar’s board of directors reflect the company’s ongoing efforts to address operational challenges and financial pressures in a rapidly evolving industry. By making strategic leadership changes and seeking to strengthen its ownership structure, Polestar aims to overcome its current hurdles and emerge as a resilient player in the electric vehicle market.

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