Pimp My Ride Returns, in a Way

Pimp My Ride: Resurrected Rides on Netflix

Pimp My Ride introduced a new generation to customized cars in the mid-2000s through its wild modifications and over-the-top transformations. The show became a phenomenon on MTV before ending in 2007, only to be resurrected on Netflix with a new name, Resurrected Rides. The show is set to premiere on July 24 with eight episodes, hosted by comedian and actor Chris Redd from Saturday Night Live. The team of “next-level mechanics” will work their magic on everyday rides, channeling the spirit and knowledge of the original show.

The Aspirational and Wish-Fulfillment Show

Executive producers Rick Hurvitz and Ari Shoeft promise that the new iteration of the show will be “an aspirational and wish-fulfillment show,” bringing back the essence of Pimp My Ride with a contemporary twist. Viewers can expect to see outrageous modifications and cool car transformations that push the boundaries of creativity and design. With the original show setting a high bar for extravagant car makeovers, the new series aims to capture the same sense of excitement and entertainment for fans of the genre.

New Host, Same Crazy Concept

While Xzibit hosted the original show and West Coast Customs handled the modifications, Resurrected Rides will feature Chris Redd as the new host and a team of talented mechanics to turn ordinary rides into extraordinary creations. The new show is expected to showcase a mix of innovative designs, high-tech gadgets, and unexpected features that will surprise and delight audiences. Whether it’s integrating chocolate fountains, pool tables, juicers, terrariums, hot tubs, or even CT machines, the new series promises to bring back the fun and excitement of Pimp My Ride in a fresh and modern format.

Keeping the Spirit Alive

As the show’s executive producer, Rick Hurvitz, noted, Resurrected Rides will honor the legacy of Pimp My Ride while introducing a new generation to the world of custom car culture. By combining the original show’s spirit and creativity with modern technology and design trends, the series aims to appeal to both longtime fans and newcomers alike. With a focus on humor and entertainment, the show is expected to deliver a mix of laughter, excitement, and jaw-dropping transformations that will keep viewers engaged and inspired throughout each episode.


As Resurrected Rides revs up for its debut on Netflix, fans of Pimp My Ride can look forward to a fresh take on the beloved series that made custom cars cool in the 2000s. With a new host, a talented team of mechanics, and a promise of outlandish modifications, the show is poised to capture the imagination of audiences once again. Whether it’s adding flashy features, cutting-edge technology, or unexpected surprises to everyday rides, Resurrected Rides aims to bring the spirit of Pimp My Ride into the modern era with style and flair. So buckle up, gearheads, and get ready for a wild ride with Resurrected Rides on Netflix!

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