Owner of Cybertruck Claims Fingerprints Are No Issue When Exterior Is Polished to Mirror-Like Finish

The transformation of Tyson Garvin’s Cybertruck into a polished, mirror finish spectacle has not only turned heads but also solved the ongoing issues of dust and fingerprints commonly reported with the stainless steel vehicle. After a long wait of almost five years, Garvin finally laid eyes on his Cybertruck in April. However, upon seeing the dull stainless steel finish and the vehicle’s delivery condition, he knew he had to take matters into his hands. This led him to Brylee Waits, a polishing expert from Neosho, Missouri, who took on the challenge of turning the Cybertruck into a chrome-covered masterpiece.

### The Decision to Polish
Garvin’s decision to polish his Cybertruck was not just for aesthetic reasons but also practicality. He noted that the stainless steel material of the truck was problematic in terms of maintaining cleanliness due to the accumulation of fingerprints, dirt, and bugs. By transforming the surface into a mirror finish, he found that maintenance became much simpler. The sleek look not only enhanced the appearance of the vehicle but also made it easier to keep clean, with Garvin claiming that the more it was cleaned, the shinier it became.

### The Polishing Process
The polishing project undertaken by Waits and his team was no easy feat, taking approximately 120 man-hours over a week to complete. Although Waits mainly focused on semi-trucks in his business, he embraced the challenge of transforming the Cybertruck into a chromed-out spectacle. The project was a unique endeavor, as it had never been done before, showcasing the innovation and skill involved in creating a mirrored finish on a stainless steel EV.

### Practical Considerations and Road Safety
Despite concerns about the road safety implications of driving a mirror-finished vehicle, Garvin has not encountered any issues on the road. One of his worries was that headlights from vehicles behind him might reflect off the polished surface, causing confusion for other drivers. However, he noted that the downward-facing angle of the Cybertruck’s tailgate minimizes reflections, ensuring that the driver’s visibility remains clear. The project not only addressed aesthetic concerns but also practical considerations regarding road safety and visibility.

### Social Media Impact and Future Opportunities
Following the reveal of Garvin’s polished Cybertruck on social media, the response was overwhelming, with Waits receiving over 60 inquiries about similar polishing jobs. The success of this project has opened up new opportunities for Waits and his team, with multiple trucks now lined up for a mirror finishing treatment. The buzz surrounding the polished Cybertruck showcases the potential for innovation and customization within the EV industry, paving the way for unique transformations and personalized enhancements in the future.

The transformation of Tyson Garvin’s Cybertruck from a dull stainless steel finish to a mirror shine not only showcases the creativity and ingenuity of vehicle customization but also addresses practical concerns related to maintenance and cleanliness. Through collaboration with polishing experts like Brylee Waits, EV owners have the opportunity to personalize and enhance their vehicles in ways that go beyond traditional aesthetics. The success of Garvin’s polished Cybertruck serves as a testament to the possibilities of innovation and creativity within the automotive industry, paving the way for more unique transformations and advancements in vehicle customization.

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