Nissan Technicians Providing In-Home Instruction on Car Features for Owners

Modern vehicles are becoming increasingly advanced with features and technology, making it more important for buyers to fully understand how to use all the functions their new car has to offer. In response to this, Nissan has launched a new program called Second Delivery, aimed at helping new Nissan owners navigate through the technology in their vehicles. This program is a no-cost follow-up visit where a Nissan “tech expert” will meet with the owner approximately two weeks after the initial delivery, either at the owner’s home, work, a local coffee shop, or the dealership.

During the Second Delivery visit, the expert will guide the owner through all the vehicle’s systems, ensuring that they understand how to use all the features and technology to their fullest potential. This follow-up visit allows owners to acclimate to their new vehicle before delving deeper into its capabilities. The idea is to provide a more personalized and detailed experience than what may have been covered during the initial delivery process.

Dan Mohnke, Nissan’s VP of eCommerce and customer experience, emphasizes the importance of offering customers a tailored experience that meets their individual needs and desires. He notes that customers nowadays expect a personalized experience, especially when it comes to learning about and utilizing the latest technology in their vehicles. The Second Delivery program is particularly beneficial for Ariya customers, many of whom are new to the Nissan brand and eager to explore all the cutting-edge features in their vehicles.

Currently, the Second Delivery program is only available for the Ariya, Nissan’s most technologically advanced vehicle. However, the company plans to expand the service to other models such as the Rogue and Leaf in the future. By offering this program, Nissan aims to ensure that all customers feel confident and comfortable using the technology in their vehicles, ultimately enhancing their overall ownership experience. With the Second Delivery program, Nissan is demonstrating its commitment to providing exceptional customer service and support to all new car buyers.

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