Nissan sees an increase in sales across the Middle East in fiscal year 2023.


Nissan, a prominent automotive brand, has reported a significant 6% increase in sales across the Middle East in Fiscal Year 2023, reflecting its resilience and enduring popularity in the region. Led by the iconic Nissan Patrol, the SUV segment experienced a remarkable 26% surge in sales compared to the previous fiscal year. Furthermore, the aftersales division saw notable growth in parts & accessories and Nissan Genuine Motor Oil (NGMO) sales, highlighting the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction. This article will delve into Nissan’s successful sales performance in FY23 and its strategic initiatives to cater to diverse customer needs.

1. Growth in SUV Segment:

Driven by the legendary Nissan Patrol, the SUV segment witnessed a remarkable 26% increase in sales in FY23. The Nissan Patrol, known for its off-road capabilities and innovative technologies showcased in the “Nissan Patrol 8 Adventures” series, recorded a 9% sales growth with nearly 20,000 units sold across the Middle East. This success can be attributed to Nissan’s focus on meeting customer demand for versatile and resilient vehicles, particularly in the SUV and crossover categories.

2. Aftersales Excellence:

Aftersales reported a substantial 9% growth in parts & accessories sales and a notable 23% increase in NGMO sales during FY23. Nissan’s introduction of local oil blending in Qatar further supported the supply of NGMO to customers in the region. These results emphasize Nissan’s dedication to providing comprehensive aftersales services and high-quality products for optimal vehicle performance and protection.

3. Product Lineup Success:

Nissan’s diverse product lineup, including the X-TRAIL, KICKS, Pathfinder, X-TERRA, and the beloved Nissan Sunny, contributed significantly to the brand’s success in FY23. The X-TRAIL, Nissan’s Premium Urban Crossover, saw the highest sales increase within the SUV segment, while the Nissan KICKS doubled its sales, showcasing its growing popularity among consumers. The Pathfinder experienced a 41% growth, and the X-TERRA saw a 20% increase in sales during the fiscal year, further bolstering Nissan’s overall sales performance.

4. Regional Sales Performance:

A country-specific breakdown revealed a 24% increase in Nissan sales in the UAE, indicating strong consumer demand and brand appeal in the region. Kuwait followed closely with a 23% sales growth compared to the previous year, while stable demand was observed in other markets such as Qatar. These results underscore Nissan’s stronghold in key Middle Eastern markets and its ability to cater to diverse customer preferences.

5. Future Strategies:

In FY24, Nissan will leverage The Arc, its global business plan, to drive growth and expand its presence in the Middle East. The brand plans to introduce new SUV models to further strengthen its lineup and meet evolving customer needs. With a focus on innovation and customer-centric strategies, Nissan aims to continue delivering exceptional driving experiences and pioneering technologies that resonate with consumers in the region.

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