New Lexus GX Monogram Comes Fully Loaded with Pizza Oven, Ice Maker, and Open Bar

The collaboration between Lexus and Monogram has resulted in the creation of the GX Monogram, a unique vehicle designed to provide a luxurious culinary experience on wheels. This collaboration brings together the Japanese automaker Lexus and American appliance maker Monogram to cater to the needs of visitors attending Aspen’s Food & Wine Classic. The GX Monogram offers a blend of opulence and functionality, transforming the rear area of the vehicle into a sumptuous pre-gaming space and an on-site party zone equipped with high-end culinary amenities. This article explores the features and design elements of the GX Monogram, highlighting its innovative approach to mobile dining and entertaining in the upscale setting of Aspen.

**Luxury Redefined: The GX Monogram**
The GX Monogram redefines luxury by combining Lexus’ signature elegance with Monogram’s high-end appliances to create a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. The vehicle’s interior is meticulously crafted with premium materials such as black and quilted camel leathers, brass, titanium, and Dekton slate accents, exuding sophistication and comfort. The full-length center console divides the rear area into four individual seating sections, enhancing the exclusivity of the dining experience for occupants.

**Culinary Excellence on Wheels**
The GX Monogram not only offers a visually appealing interior but also provides functional features that cater to culinary enthusiasts. Cold drawer and console compartments are included to ensure flexible chilling for ingredients, allowing occupants to keep their food fresh and ready for preparation. Monogram’s heated ice press, capable of creating transparent ice spheres, adds a touch of elegance to the drink serving experience, complementing the upscale dining atmosphere inside the vehicle.

**Mobile Entertainment and Bartending**
Equipped with a set of wine glasses and barn doors that house bartending and cooking tools, the GX Monogram transforms the rear of the vehicle into a mobile entertainment and bartending station. The inclusion of Monogram’s 30-inch Smart Flush Hearth Oven enhances the culinary capabilities of the vehicle, enabling occupants to prepare a variety of dishes ranging from pizza to artisanal bread. The thoughtful integration of storage compartments for cutlery and kitchen tools ensures that essential items are within reach for a seamless cooking experience.

**Innovative Accessories and Features**
The GX Monogram boasts innovative accessories such as a trash bin and a heated ice press, offering convenience and luxury in every detail. The ornate roof rack, although its purpose remains unclear, adds a touch of style to the vehicle’s exterior design. Monogram’s exclusive heated ice press, acclaimed as the only one of its kind in the country, demonstrates the commitment to innovation and excellence in delivering a premium culinary experience.

**Joining the Culinary Journey**
For those unable to attend the Food & Wine Classic event, the GX Monogram experience can be recreated with the weekend’s recipes and wine list available online. The Monogram by Lexus program offers a convenient shopping experience for prospective buyers, enabling them to explore the luxury brand’s offerings with ease. Whether preparing shakshuka with eggplant and peppers or indulging in a glass of fine wine, the allure of the GX Monogram beckons enthusiasts to savor the culinary journey in style.

In conclusion, the Lexus GX Monogram showcases the convergence of luxury and culinary excellence, offering a unique mobile dining and entertainment experience for discerning consumers. With its premium features, sophisticated design elements, and innovative accessories, the GX Monogram sets a new standard for luxury vehicles designed to cater to culinary enthusiasts and luxury connoisseurs alike.

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