Kia recalls nearly 463,000 Tellurides due to potential fire hazard in seats


Kia has recently issued a massive recall for its popular Telluride SUV, affecting a total of 462,869 vehicles from the 2020 through 2024 model years. The recall was initiated due to a fire risk associated with the electric seat motors in either the driver or passenger front seats, posing a potential hazard whether the vehicle is in use or parked with the ignition off. This article will delve into the specifics of the recall, including the root cause of the issue, potential warning signs for vehicle owners to look out for, and the corrective actions being taken by Kia to address the problem.

The underlying cause of the recall is attributed to a faulty slide knob that controls the seat motor in the affected vehicles. An external impact on the seat switch back cover could dislodge it, leading to a misalignment of the switch and constant power supply to the motor. This could result in the motor overheating and potentially starting a fire in the vehicle, posing a serious safety hazard to occupants.

Documented incidents related to the recall include one driver-seat fire in a 2023 Telluride during operation, as well as six cases of melted components under the seats with reports of smoke in the cabin. Despite the potential dangers posed by the malfunctioning seat motors, symptoms of the issue may not be readily apparent to vehicle owners. Kia advises that signs such as seats moving even after the seat slide knob is released, burning smells, smoke, or inoperable seats could indicate a problem requiring immediate attention.

To address the recall, Kia dealers will install a new bracket for the power seat switch back cover and replace the seat control knobs in the affected vehicles. Owner notification of the recall is expected to commence through mail starting on July 30, and concerned owners can also reach out to Kia customer service by referencing recall SC316 at 800-333-4542. By promptly addressing the issue, Kia aims to ensure the safety of its customers and prevent any potential accidents resulting from the faulty seat motors.

In light of the fire risk associated with the electric seat motors, Kia has issued a park-outside advisory for affected Telluride SUVs as a precautionary measure. This advisory recommends parking the vehicles outside until the necessary repairs have been completed to minimize the risk of any fire incidents occurring while the vehicle is parked and unattended.

In conclusion, Kia’s recall of the Telluride SUV due to a fire risk stemming from the electric seat motors underscores the importance of prioritizing safety in the automotive industry. By proactively addressing potential safety hazards and promptly executing corrective actions, Kia aims to safeguard the well-being of its customers and uphold its commitment to delivering high-quality vehicles. Vehicle owners are encouraged to stay informed about recalls affecting their vehicles and promptly address any issues identified by the manufacturer to ensure a safe driving experience.

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