Key players in the mobility industry convene in Riyadh for GEMTECH Forum 2024

Global EV & Mobility Technology Forum (GEMTECH): Driving Sustainable Urban Mobility Solutions

Saudi Arabia is set to host the prestigious Global EV & Mobility Technology Forum (GEMTECH) at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center (RICEC) in less than three weeks. This premier mobility event will bring together global and regional stakeholders in the mobility sector to showcase cutting-edge innovations and sustainable urban mobility solutions. With a lineup of renowned speakers, world-class exhibitors, and top-notch conference sessions, GEMTECH is poised to be a game-changer in the realm of mobility.

1. Conference Highlights and Keynote Speakers
The two-day event will feature a high-profile conference with insightful keynotes and panel discussions from industry visionaries and experts. Keynote speakers include Rusty Russell from Red Sea Global, Faisal Sultan from Lucid, Mark Notkin from Petromin Corporation, Mohammed Al-Musawa from ASX E-Mobility, Alex Gilbert from Transport for London, and H.E. Balázs Selmeci from the Embassy of Hungary in Riyadh. These influential figures will share industry insights and groundbreaking ideas, shaping the future of electric, autonomous, and connected mobility.

2. Expo Showcase and Exhibitors
The world-class expo at GEMTECH will be a highlight of the event, providing a platform for OEMs, tech solution providers, and startups to showcase their cutting-edge mobility solutions. Industry leaders, government dignitaries, and potential partners will have the opportunity to explore the latest innovations in mobility and collaborate with leading companies at the forefront of the industry.

3. Industry Engagement and Media Partners
GEMTECH has received enthusiastic engagement from the entire mobility value chain, with leading media outlets and associations showing significant interest in the event. Organizations such as ELAADNL, CHARGING INTERFACE INITIATIVE, CLEAN ENERGY BUSINESS COUNCIL, and EYE OF RIYADH, among others, will be in attendance, ensuring global reach and impact for the forum. The event promises to be a platform for networking and collaboration among industry stakeholders.

4. Interactive Sessions and Networking Opportunities
The meticulously curated conference agenda at GEMTECH will facilitate interactive panel sessions, critical deliberations, and 1-2-1 business meetings, creating unparalleled networking opportunities for participants. Attendees will have the chance to engage with global and national stakeholders in the mobility sector, exchanging ideas and strategies to shape the future of electric vehicles and mobility solutions.

5. Driving the Future of Mobility
As a premier event in the mobility sector, GEMTECH will unite visionary leaders and industry pioneers to explore cutting-edge innovations and drive the future of mobility. Participants will have a unique opportunity to connect with global ministries, CEOs, and experts, fostering dialogue and collaboration to shape the next generation of sustainable urban mobility solutions. By bringing together key stakeholders in the mobility industry, GEMTECH aims to accelerate the transition towards a greener and more efficient future for urban transportation.

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