Jeep and Toyota Climb While Tesla Falls in American-Made Index

In 2024, released its American-Made Index, revealing a few surprises compared to the previous year. While the Tesla Model Y retained the top spot, the Model 3 and Model X dropped in the rankings, allowing the Honda Passport to sneak into the top three. The list showcases shifts in manufacturing trends from the previous year, with some models moving up and others dropping down the rankings.

**’s 2024 American-Made Index Overview** released its 2024 American-Made Index, unveiling the top American-made vehicles of the year. The Tesla Model Y maintained its position at No. 1, while the Honda Passport and Volkswagen ID.4 made significant jumps in the rankings. The list highlights changes in manufacturing trends compared to the previous year and showcases the impact of various factors on the rankings.

**Comparison with Previous Lists**
The American University Kogod Business School also released a “Made in America” index, providing another perspective on American-made vehicles. The 2024 list shows differences and similarities with the American University list, reflecting various criteria and methodologies used to determine the rankings. While some models appear on both lists, there are notable variances in rankings and placements.

**Notable Movers and Shakers**
Some vehicles experienced significant changes in rankings compared to the previous year. The Tesla Model 3 dropped from second to 21st place, while the Acura MDX fell out of the top 10. In contrast, the Jeep Gladiator and Toyota Camry surged up the rankings, with the VW ID.4 securing the third spot for 2024. These shifts demonstrate the dynamic nature of the automotive industry and the influence of various factors on production and assembly locations.

**Regional Dominance and Manufacturing Trends**
Honda’s assembly facilities in Alabama and Ohio played a significant role in the rankings, with multiple Honda models securing spots in the top positions. The list also highlights the Michigan-built Ram 1500 Classic and other American-made models from different regions. The rankings shed light on the diversity of manufacturing locations and the impact of domestic production on the automotive sector.

The 2024 American-Made Index by provides valuable insights into the state of American manufacturing in the automotive industry. The list showcases the top American-made vehicles of the year and highlights shifts in rankings compared to the previous year. As the automotive sector continues to evolve, these rankings serve as a barometer of manufacturing trends and the impact of various factors on production and assembly locations.

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