Important Notice: Volvo XC90 Launch Will Not Include all Intended Features


Volvo has finally started production of the EX90, their highly anticipated electric vehicle, after a delay in its launch due to software issues. While the deliveries are expected to start in the second half of the year, customers might not receive the EX90 with all its features fully functional. Some features, including safety and convenience features, might be delayed, with full capabilities unlocked through future updates. In this article, we will delve into the potential features that might be missing from the EX90, the impact on customers, and when these updates can be expected.

**Delays and Missing Features:**

Customers who ordered the Volvo EX90 might have to settle for certain features being delayed upon delivery. Some of these features include the LiDAR system integration, cross-traffic alert, curve speed assist, wireless Apple CarPlay, and bidirectional charging. The infotainment display and driver display are also expected to have a dark theme initially, with the light theme arriving in a future update. Additionally, the EX90 might experience battery loss of about 3 percent per day when parked and not being charged, which Volvo attributes to the core computer running advanced functions in the background.

**Updates and Fixes:**

Volvo has assured customers that most of the missing features will be provided for free through over-the-air updates. However, some updates might require customers to visit a dealer, who will be notified by Volvo in advance. The company has mentioned that the EX90 enters a deep sleep mode after 72 hours of inactivity to conserve battery power, which should alleviate concerns about battery drain when the vehicle is not in use. Despite the delays and potential missing features, Volvo is working diligently to address these issues and provide a seamless experience for EX90 owners.

**Customer Expectations:**

Customers who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their Volvo EX90 may have concerns about the initial lack of certain features and updates. It is important for Volvo to communicate effectively with their customers regarding the timeline for these updates and the process for receiving them. Transparency and clarity are key in managing customer expectations and ensuring a positive ownership experience for EX90 owners. Volvo should strive to keep customers informed and engaged throughout the process to maintain trust and satisfaction with their brand.


In conclusion, Volvo’s production of the EX90 has finally commenced, but customers might have to wait for certain features and updates to be fully functional. While delays and missing features can be disappointing, Volvo’s commitment to providing over-the-air updates and addressing these issues is commendable. By keeping customers informed and delivering on their promises, Volvo can maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty in the long run. The EX90 represents a significant step forward in Volvo’s electric vehicle lineup, and with continued improvements and updates, it has the potential to deliver a premium driving experience for customers.

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