Hidden Treasure: 2003 Ford Focus ZTS Centennial Edition from the Junkyard

Ford Motor Company celebrated its centennial in 2003 by releasing special Centennial Edition cars and trucks. Among these models were the Taurus, Mustang, Explorer, F-250/F-350, and Focus, all painted black as a nod to the original Model T. Despite its rarity, a Centennial Edition Ford Focus was recently discovered in a Denver-area junkyard. While some badges were missing, the distinctive “two-tone signature Centennial Leather” seats remained intact. Although the car was in rough condition, it provides a glimpse into the special edition features offered by Ford.

**Exploring the Centennial Edition Ford Focus in the Junkyard**
– This particular Centennial Edition Ford Focus in the junkyard had some features missing, such as the special fender and decklid badges.
– Notable interior features like the “two-tone signature Centennial Leather” seats were still present, showcasing the unique design of the Centennial Edition models.
– Unfortunately, some commemorative items that were included with the special edition, like the key chain, book, wristwatch, and letter from Bill Ford, were not found in the car.
– Despite its rough condition, the Focus still serves as a reminder of the special Centennial Edition models offered by Ford in 2003.

**Historical Significance of Special Edition Cars**
– Celebrating milestones with special edition cars is not unique to Ford, as other manufacturers have also released commemorative models for significant anniversaries.
– Examples include the Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight, Oldsmobile Ciera, Pontiac Grand Prix, Datsun 280ZX, Nissan 300ZX, Chevrolet Camaro, and Mercury Cougar, among others.
– Special edition cars serve as a way to honor the history and legacy of a car company, while also appealing to collectors and enthusiasts.
– The tradition of creating special edition models continues to this day, with manufacturers releasing limited-production cars to mark important milestones.

**Technical Specifications of the Ford Focus Centennial Edition**
– The Ford Focus Centennial Edition is a ZTS sedan, featuring the top-grade trim level of the 2003 Focus lineup.
– Equipped with a 130-horsepower DOHC Zetec engine, the Focus offers a balance of performance and efficiency.
– Compared to its 1903 predecessor with a two-cylinder engine, the modern Focus comes with a more advanced five-speed manual transmission.
– While the U.S. market discontinued the Focus in 2018, it remains available in other parts of the world, sharing a platform with the current Maverick.

**Legacy of the Ford Centennial Edition Models**
– The Centennial Edition Ford models continue to hold a special place in automotive history, marking a significant milestone for the company.
– Despite their limited production numbers, these special edition cars and trucks are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.
– The Centennial Edition Ford Focus serves as a reminder of Ford’s legacy and innovation over the past 100 years.
– As the automotive industry continues to evolve, special edition models like the Centennial Editions offer a glimpse into the rich history of iconic car manufacturers.

In conclusion, the discovery of the Centennial Edition Ford Focus in a junkyard provides a unique opportunity to reflect on Ford’s history and the significance of special edition cars in commemorating important milestones. As automotive enthusiasts continue to uncover rare finds like this, the legacy of iconic models like the Centennial Edition vehicles will endure for generations to come.

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