GM Design unveils unreleased Pontiac G8 model

General Motors’ decision to shut down the Pontiac brand back in 2009 left a void in the automotive world, with the loss of some beloved car models, including the Pontiac G8 sedan. Based on the Holden Commodore platform, the G8 was renowned for its rear-wheel drive layout and available V8 power. While a follow-up was introduced in the form of the Chevrolet SS, the recent reveal of a never-before-seen Pontiac G8 concept by GM Design has shed light on the brand’s bigger vision for the sedan. The concept car, finished in 2008, showcases a bold and innovative design that sets it apart from the actual production models. With unique features such as vertical headlights, a fastback roofline with a hatchback, and a C8 Corvette-inspired interior, the concept hints at a more upscale and distinct direction for the G8.

### The Exterior Design
The Pontiac G8 concept exhibits a striking exterior design with bold elements such as vertical headlights, kidney grilles, and a pronounced Coke bottle shape along the sides. The fastback roofline conceals a hatchback, deviating from the traditional trunk setup found in the production G8. The design language of the concept car draws inspiration from models like the Solstice and Saturn Sky, giving it a unique and futuristic appearance that sets it apart from its predecessors.

### The Interior Layout
Inside the Pontiac G8 concept, the interior showcases a design reminiscent of the C8 Corvette, with a driver-centric layout and a prominent barrier separating the controls from the passenger side. The cabin features four seats divided by a full-length center console, emphasizing a more luxurious and grand touring-oriented setup rather than a typical family sedan configuration. The interior design of the concept suggests a more upscale and refined approach compared to the production G8 and SS models.

### Departure from Production Models
The Pontiac G8 concept represents a significant departure from the production models that were based on the Holden Commodore platform. While the G8 and SS retained the core elements of the Commodore, the concept car explores new possibilities and design directions for the sedan. By incorporating unique design cues and innovative features, the G8 concept presents a more evolved and distinct vision for what the model could have become if Pontiac had continued its operations.

### What Could Have Been
The reveal of the Pontiac G8 concept sparks curiosity and speculation about what could have been if the brand had continued to evolve its lineup. The concept’s advanced design and upscale features hint at a possible future where the G8 would have developed into a more refined and individualistic model within GM’s portfolio. Despite the financial crisis and subsequent bankruptcy that led to the discontinuation of Pontiac, the G8 concept serves as a reminder of the brand’s innovative spirit and the potential for groundbreaking designs that might have surfaced in an alternate automotive timeline.

### Conclusion
The Pontiac G8 concept offers a fascinating glimpse into an alternate reality where the iconic sedan could have evolved into a more sophisticated and distinctive model. With its bold exterior design, luxurious interior layout, and departure from traditional production models, the G8 concept showcases the innovative and forward-thinking approach that Pontiac was known for. While the concept car never made it to production, it serves as a testament to the brand’s creativity and vision for pushing the boundaries of automotive design. The legacy of the Pontiac G8 lives on through this concept, sparking imagination and curiosity about the endless possibilities in the world of automotive innovation.

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