From Old Land Rover Model to New EV Brand – The Evolution of the Freelander Name

The Jaguar Land Rover House of Brands is expanding to include a new brand called Freelander, which will focus on pure-electric vehicles. JLR has signed a Letter of Intent to license the Freelander brand to its Chinese joint-venture partner, Chery. The original Freelander model was a compact four-wheel-drive vehicle that was sold from 1997 to 2015. Despite mixed reviews, the Freelander was popular due to its affordability and association with the Land Rover brand. The new Freelander range of electric vehicles will be designed by teams from both JLR and Chery, and will be based on Chery’s E0X battery-electric architecture.

### Collaboration with Chery
The Freelander electric vehicles will be designed on Chery’s E0X platform, which supports an 800-volt architecture, Level 3 autonomous driving, and air suspension setups. The platform is also compatible with range-extended EVs, which are gaining popularity in multiple markets. Chery’s Luxeed R7 EV, which is based on the E0X platform, offers impressive performance with single- and dual-motor variants ranging from 288 to 489 horsepower and a maximum range of 531 miles on the Chinese cycle.

### Shared Platforms
In addition to the E0X platform, Chery has also agreed to share its M3X platform with the Chery Jaguar Land Rover collaboration. The M3X platform, developed with Magna International, is suitable for internal combustion engines and PHEV powertrains. While the initial focus for Freelander is on electric vehicles, future models may incorporate different powertrain options as the electric lineup expands or the M3X platform is utilized for other products.

### International Distribution
Although the Freelander range of electric vehicles will initially be produced for the Chinese market, there are plans to expand distribution to international markets as well. The exact timeline for the availability of Freelander vehicles in other markets has not been disclosed by JLR. However, the introduction of the Freelander brand represents an exciting new chapter in the partnership between JLR and Chery, offering a diverse range of electric vehicles to consumers worldwide.

### Future Growth Potential
With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles globally, the decision to focus on electric models under the Freelander brand aligns with current market trends. By combining the expertise of both JLR and Chery, the new range of Freelander electric vehicles is poised to make a significant impact in the automotive industry. As technology continues to evolve and consumer demand for electric vehicles grows, the development of the Freelander brand represents a strategic move for JLR and Chery to secure their position in the market and meet the needs of environmentally conscious consumers.

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