Ford is encouraging its managers to purchase more electric vehicles through updated leasing policies

Ford Motor Encouraging Managerial Adoption of Electric Vehicles

In an effort to promote the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) among its managerial employees, Ford Motor has made changes to its leasing program. Managers are now required to order an electric Mustang Mach-E SUV or F-150 Lightning pickup if they wish to lease a supplemental vehicle. This marks the first time Ford has restricted employees to purchasing EVs for the supplemental lease program. The company believes that by encouraging its employees to drive an EV, they can better familiarize themselves with the new technology and share their experiences with others, ultimately increasing acceptance and adoption of EVs.

Impact of Policy Change on Ford Managers

While Ford has thousands of managers, the exact number of individuals affected by this policy change has not been disclosed. Vehicles leased by Ford managers are counted as sales for the automaker. Sales of the F-150 Lightning have been slower than initially projected, prompting Ford to make adjustments to production capacity. The company has also reduced prices of the Mach-E and Lightning multiple times to stimulate demand and remain competitive in the EV market.

Shift Towards Hybrid Vehicles

Despite the slower growth rate of EVs, demand for hybrid vehicles has seen a significant rise. Ford reported a 25.3% increase in sales of hybrids in 2023 compared to the previous year, outpacing the sales growth of EVs during the same period. CEO Jim Farley has emphasized the importance of hybrid production, stating that these vehicles will play a substantial role in Ford’s portfolio moving forward. The company is set to release its first-half sales results to provide further insights into the performance of its hybrid and EV offerings.

Deadline for Compliance with New Policy

Managers who are driving a supplemental lease vehicle that is not one of the two designated EVs by Ford must return the vehicle or purchase it by May 15, 2025. This deadline serves as a compliance measure to ensure that managers adhere to the new policy regarding the adoption of EVs. By consolidating the supplemental lease program around electric vehicles, Ford aims to create a more environmentally-friendly fleet of vehicles driven by its managerial employees.


In conclusion, Ford Motor’s decision to encourage its managers to adopt electric vehicles through its leasing program marks a strategic move towards promoting sustainability and innovation within the company. By incentivizing the use of EVs among its management team, Ford is driving awareness and acceptance of electric vehicle technology. The shift towards hybrid vehicles and the emphasis on their production further demonstrate Ford’s commitment to offering a diverse range of environmentally-conscious transportation options. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, Ford’s initiatives signal its readiness to adapt to changing consumer preferences and market demands.

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