Fisker issues recall for over 12,000 Ocean vehicles due to faulty door handles

The electric vehicle maker Fisker is facing another setback as it issues a recall for over 12,000 of its Ocean vehicles due to an issue with the exterior door handles sticking and failing to open. This marks the third recall for the company this month, raising concerns about the safety and reliability of its vehicles. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has opened four investigations into various issues related to the Ocean SUV, which was intended to rival Tesla’s popular Model Y crossover.

Once seen as a promising EV startup, Fisker has struggled with financial challenges and production issues, leading to its recent bankruptcy filing. The company’s efforts to scale up production and fulfill orders for the Ocean SUV have been hampered by a series of recalls and quality control problems. The faulty door handles pose a serious safety risk, as they could prevent occupants from exiting the vehicle in an emergency situation, potentially leading to injuries.

In response to the recall, Fisker has instructed its dealers in the United States, Canada, and Europe to halt sales of the affected Ocean vehicles and conduct inspections to identify and address the door handle issue. The company has assured customers that the faulty door handles will be replaced free of charge to ensure the safety of all vehicles on the road. Despite the recall, customers have reported ongoing issues with the key fob and door opening mechanisms, highlighting the need for improved quality control measures.

The latest recall is a blow to Fisker’s reputation and could further erode consumer confidence in the brand. With competition in the EV market heating up and increasing scrutiny from regulators, Fisker faces an uphill battle to regain its footing and establish itself as a reliable player in the industry. The company’s history of recalls and financial troubles have cast doubt on its ability to deliver on its promises and meet the expectations of customers and investors.

Overall, the recall underscores the challenges facing Fisker as it seeks to compete in the fast-paced and highly competitive electric vehicle market. Addressing quality control issues and improving vehicle safety will be critical for the company to rebuild trust with consumers and ensure the long-term success of its brand.

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