First Possible Sighting of Ferrari EV with Mock Exhaust Caught on Camera

Ferrari’s First Electric Car: What We Know So Far

In 2019, Ferrari announced that it would be releasing its first electric car after the middle of this decade. However, in April 2021, the company decided to move up the market launch to 2025. The mysterious electric vehicle has been seen testing for the first time, with a strange exterior disguise that resembles an oversized hatchback using a modified body from the Maserati Levante and headlights from the Ferrari Roma.

Fake Exhaust Tips and High-Voltage Stickers

Despite the camouflage, some key details of the electric car have been observed, such as the fake exhaust tips and yellow high-voltage stickers, indicating it is an electric vehicle. The use of a Levante body does not necessarily mean it will be related to the V-12-powered Purosangue. Ferrari has kept the exact design of the EV under wraps, but it is confirmed that it will be built at a new factory in Maranello.

Future Plans and Strategy for EVs at Ferrari

Ferrari plans to continue producing V-12 cars for as long as possible, despite the shift to electric vehicles. The company’s head of Product Marketing, Emanuele Carando, stated that the V-12 models will remain in production until they are no longer allowed. By 2030, Ferrari expects only 20% of its sales to come from pure ICE cars, with 40% from plug-in hybrids and the remaining 40% from pure EVs. The first EV is expected to make up 5% of total shipments in 2026, with reports suggesting that a second electric car is already in early development.

Production and Pricing Details

The first electric Ferrari is rumored to cost over $500,000, although CEO Benedetto Vigna has not confirmed this. He has also denied reports that the new factory will increase annual production to 20,000 vehicles from the current 14,000. The company is working on ensuring that the electric car will deliver an “authentic” noise, which is an intriguing promise for electric vehicles known for their silence. Ferrari’s approach to the electric era signals a shift in the automotive industry, with the prestigious brand adapting to the changing landscape while retaining its iconic status.

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