Fifth Generation Smart Model Revealed with Spacious Interior, Subdued Design, and High-Powered 637-hp Top Variant

Smart unveiled its Concept #5 at the Beijing Auto Show, showcasing a departure from its traditional design with a larger size, square lines, and an off-road aesthetic. The production version of the Concept #5 is nearing its launch in China, with some modifications from the original concept. With an emphasis on battery capacity and overall size, Smart is aiming to appeal to a broader range of consumers while maintaining its distinct style.

Smart Concept #5: A New Direction

Smart’s Concept #5 displayed at the Beijing Auto Show marks a significant shift in the brand’s design philosophy. The car’s larger size, square lines, and rugged appearance set it apart from previous Smart models. While the off-road demeanor of the concept version may not carry over to the production model, the increased dimensions and unique styling elements remain prominent features.

Design and Dimensions

The Smart Concept #5 is set to be larger than any of the brand’s previous models, with dimensions that exceed those of popular electric vehicles such as the Mini Countryman and Tesla Model Y. The car’s wheelbase has been extended to provide ample rear legroom, making it a spacious and comfortable option for up to five passengers. The increased size is also intended to accommodate a battery pack of over 100 kilowatt-hours, allowing for an impressive range of more than 341 miles on a single charge.

Powertrain Options

The top trim level of the Smart Concept #5 will feature a dual-motor setup powered by a lithium-ion battery, delivering a potential output of 637 horsepower. Other variants will offer dual-motor setups with slightly lower power outputs, as well as single-motor options for a more affordable choice. With an 800-volt architecture, the Concept #5 boasts fast charging capabilities, allowing for a quick refill from 10% to 80% in just 15 minutes.

Interior Features

While official images of the interior have yet to be released, spy shots suggest that the Smart Concept #5 will feature a modern and tech-forward cabin design. A digital gauge display behind the steering wheel, along with a large touchscreen panel extending to the passenger side vent, will likely be included in the final production model. The interior is expected to reflect the futuristic and innovative nature of the Concept #5, providing a comfortable and high-tech driving experience.

Market Debut and Future Outlook

With the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) revealing details about the Smart Concept #5, the market debut of the production model is imminent. The preview offered by MIIT indicates that the Concept #5 will soon be available to consumers, bringing a new era of Smart vehicles to the market. As Smart continues to evolve and expand its offerings, the Concept #5 represents a bold step forward in design, technology, and performance for the iconic brand.

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