Ferrari Will Continue Producing V-12 Engines Until They are Banned

Ferrari is determined to keep its V-12 engine alive by continuing to produce cars equipped with the powerful 6.5-liter monster until it is no longer legally possible. Despite the shift towards electric vehicles, Ferrari insists on maintaining the iconic engine known for its distinctive sound and high performance. The latest 12Cilindri Coupe and Spider showcases Ferrari’s commitment to preserving the V-12 legacy, with plans to explore sustainable fuel options to extend its lifespan.

**The Future of V-12 Engines:**
Ferrari’s Product Marketing and Marketing Intelligence Director ensures enthusiasts that the naturally aspirated V-12 engine will remain in production until legislative restrictions prevent its use. The brand hopes for regulatory changes to support continued production, potentially by developing new sustainable petrol. The 6.5-liter engine in the 12Cilindri models has the potential to rev to 10,000 rpm but was limited to 9,500 rpm to optimize power delivery. Despite challenges posed by more efficient turbocharged engines, Ferrari prioritizes the V-12 for its emotional appeal and performance capabilities.

**Competition in the High-End Market:**
Other luxury automakers like Aston Martin are also investing in V-12 engines, with the upcoming Vanquish set to rival Ferrari’s power output. Aston Martin’s turbocharged V-12 engine boasts 824 hp and 738 lb-ft, offering stiff competition to Ferrari’s 12Cilindri models. The high-performance luxury segment continues to value V-12 engines for their power and prestige, despite advancements in electric and hybrid technologies.

**Shift Towards Electric Vehicles:**
Ferrari’s strategy includes introducing its first electric vehicle in 2025, with plans for EVs to comprise 40% of all deliveries by the end of the decade. This shift towards electric mobility indicates a gradual decrease in combustion engine sales, with a focus on sustainability and environmental consciousness. Despite the popularity of electric vehicles, Ferrari acknowledges the enduring appeal of traditional combustion engines, emphasizing their significance in the automotive landscape.

**Sustainable Fuel Solutions:**
To extend the lifespan of V-12 engines and combat environmental concerns, Ferrari explores the adoption of sustainable fuels as a viable solution. By incorporating eco-friendly alternatives, the brand aims to reduce emissions and promote the longevity of combustion engines. The development of sustainable fuel technologies aligns with Ferrari’s commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility, ensuring the legacy of the V-12 engine continues for years to come.

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