Ferrari-Inspired Shift Lights Could Be Featured on Your Future Hyundai’s Steering Wheel

Race cars have always been a testing ground for new technologies that eventually make their way into the vehicles we drive every day. One such technology is steering wheel shift lights, which are commonly found in high-performance vehicles. Hyundai has recently filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for an assembly process that could make steering wheel-mounted shift lights more accessible in a variety of models.

The patent outlines a new assembly process that will allow Hyundai to lower the production cost of steering wheels with shift lights. The new structure will feature a cutout at the top of the wheel for the lights and a groove inside the structure for wiring, regardless of whether it has shift lights or not. This will make it easier for the automaker to integrate the technology into multiple models, as well as add various plug-and-play trim pieces.

While shift lights are not a new concept in the automotive industry, they are often seen in high-end vehicles from manufacturers like Ferrari, McLaren, and BMW. However, they are not a common feature in more mainstream models. Hyundai’s new patent could simplify the production process and make shift lights more accessible in a wider range of vehicles.

It is unclear whether Hyundai’s new steering wheel design will see production, but it could potentially benefit the company’s new Magma performance sub-brand. Having steering wheel shift lights could demonstrate Hyundai’s commitment to performance, even in their more mainstream models. It would be a small touch of racing technology that could set Hyundai apart from its competitors.

Overall, incorporating steering wheel shift lights into Hyundai’s vehicles could be a step towards solidifying the company’s reputation for producing fun-to-drive and performance-oriented cars, even if they are not directly competing with high-end manufacturers like BMW M and Mercedes-AMG.

Hyundai’s Innovative Patent

Streamlining Production

Expanding Accessibility

Benefits for Magma Sub-brand

Enhancing Hyundai’s Performance Image

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