Fastest-charging Electric Sports Car on the Market


Last year, Nyobolt, a UK-based startup, made headlines with its bold claim of developing a small electric sports car that could recharge in just six minutes. With former Jaguar designer Ian Callum involved in the process, many were initially skeptical. However, as the company unveiled the Nyobolt EV Prototype, it became evident that this project was indeed real. Weighing in at 2,750 pounds and boasting a WLTP range of 155 miles, the prototype showcases impressive technology and promises a quick charging experience.

Fast Charging Battery Technology:

Nyobolt’s innovative battery technology is at the heart of the EV Prototype. The 50 Amp-hour, 35 Kilowatt-hour battery pack is smaller than those found in many EVs, yet it offers fast-charging capabilities and remarkable resistance to degradation. Through extensive testing, Nyobolt has proven the battery’s durability, with over 4,000 full depth of discharge fast-charge cycles equating to approximately 600,000 miles of real-world use. Even after such rigorous testing, the battery retains over 80 percent of its capacity, highlighting the efficiency and longevity of Nyobolt’s design.

Impressive Performance:

While the Nyobolt EV Prototype may not be the lightest electric sports car on the market, its performance is undeniably impressive. With the ability to achieve a charging time from 10 to 80 percent in just 4 minutes and 37 seconds, adding 120 miles of range, the prototype showcases double the fastest charging speeds currently available in production vehicles. The company’s focus on fast-charging capabilities and lightweight design sets a new standard for electric vehicles, demonstrating that fun and efficient cars can exist without the need for excessively heavy batteries.

Future Production and Industry Interest:

Although Nyobolt has not disclosed plans for mass production of the EV Prototype, the company has attracted significant interest from several OEMs. By positioning the prototype as a demonstrator of their impressive battery technology, Nyobolt aims to showcase the possibilities of electrification in automotive and other industries. With the potential for low-volume production of the battery packs for road or track use within a year, Nyobolt is paving the way for innovation in the electric vehicle sector and beyond.

Comparison to Other Electric Sports Cars:

In comparison to other electric sports cars like Caterham’s Project V, the Nyobolt EV Prototype offers a unique combination of fast-charging capabilities and lightweight design. While Caterham’s prototype boasts a three-seater configuration and a larger battery capacity, Nyobolt’s focus on quick recharge times and efficient performance sets it apart in the market. By challenging the notion that electric cars must be heavy and cumbersome, Nyobolt presents a compelling alternative for consumers seeking a blend of speed, range, and sustainability.


In conclusion, Nyobolt’s EV Prototype represents a significant step forward in electric vehicle technology. With its fast-charging battery and impressive performance metrics, the prototype serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. As interest from OEMs continues to grow and the potential for production becomes clearer, Nyobolt is poised to revolutionize the electric vehicle industry and drive change in the way we view sustainable transportation.Watch out, BMW—Nyobolt is setting a new standard for electric sports cars.

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