F1 Driver Gerhard Berger’s Stolen Ferrari Recovered After 28 Years


In a remarkable story of law enforcement and motorsport history, London’s Metropolitan Police have unraveled an intriguing cold case connected to the world of Formula One. The ongoing saga, which spans nearly 30 years, concerns the theft of a Ferrari 512M vehicle from F1 driver Gerhard Berger during the 1995 San Marino Grand Prix. Delve into the intricate details and unexpected revelations uncovered during the investigation of this high-profile automobile theft.

The Heist at San Marino Grand Prix 1995

In what could well be the plot of a high-adrenaline F1 crime thriller, thieves managed to steal a Ferrari 512M, a prized possession of Formula One driver Gerhard Berger, during the 1995 San Marino Grand Prix. Equally unfortunate, Jean Alesi, Berger’s teammate, also lost his Ferrari 355 during the same event. What is more surprising is that Berger apparently arrived just as the thief was driving his Ferrari away. However, despite losing their cars, Berger and Alesi did not lose their spirits. Both drivers finished at commendable positions, with Alesi securing the second and Berger the third position.

From London to Japan – The Disappearing Act

In a revelation from the Metropolitan Police, it was found that the stolen Ferrari 512M had made its journey to Japan post-theft. After nearly three decades, it resurfaced in the United Kingdom in late 2023. On discovery, the vehicle was promptly impounded by the Metropolitan Police to prevent it from leaving the country. The American customer who intended to purchase the car via a UK broker was the reason behind its discovery. Ferrari, on receiving the vehicle for inspection, alerted the authorities to its dubious past.

Recovery of the Ferrari 512M

Key to the recovery of Gerhard Berger’s 512M was the assistance of Ferrari itself. The well-renowned automaker had been approached to inspect the spectacular vintage car on behalf of an American customer planning to purchase it from a UK broker. In January, Ferrari reported its findings to the Metropolitan Police, thereby playing a crucial role in solving this automotive cold case. The police lead investigator, Mike Pilbeam, praised Ferrari, the National Crime Agency, and international car dealerships for their collaborative effort in understanding the vehicle’s background and preventing it from leaving the UK.

Under Investigation – Yet to Trace the Culprits

While the recovery of the Ferrari is a significant milestone, the Metropolitan Police’s investigation is ongoing. No arrests have been made yet in this grand larceny and Autosex. The authorities are still trying to piece together the series of events leading up to the vehicle’s disappearance and eventual recovery. Additionally, Jean Alesi’s F355, stolen at the same time as Berger’s car, remains missing. The final piece in this puzzle will be to see the culprits brought to justice, thus bringing closure to a case as intriguing as the world of Formula One itself.

About the Stolen Vehicle – The Ferrari 512M

A coveted automobile, the Ferrari 512M, representing the final evolution of the legendary 1980s-era Testarossa, possesses an aura of both power and elegance. Unlike its predecessors, it features fixed headlights instead of pop-up lamps. The robust upgraded 4.9-liter flat-12 engine embedded within the car renders it a staggering 434 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. With only 501 such models produced, it is truly a rarity amongst motorcar enthusiasts. Therefore, it is no surprise that the car became a sensation at the time of its discovery.

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