Explore the Porsche Minivan That Never Came to Be


Over the years, Porsche has built a magnificent reputation for its sports cars and super cars, becoming a symbol of luxury, speed, and sophistication in the automotive world. But beyond the limelight of its flashy speedsters and sleek coupés, the automaker has been silently pushing the boundaries of its own brand, venturing into uncharted territories and experimenting with designs, technologies and concepts that are quite different from what they are typically known for. Unearthed from Porsche’s secret vault, the Vision Renndienst is one such courageous attempt by the German automaker, it offers an exciting peek into Porsche’s design philosophies and future potentials.

The Vision Renndienst: A Break From the Norm

The Vision Renndienst, first revealed to the public in 2020, is an enigma. It represents one of the 15 concepts secretly developed by Porsche between 2005 and 2019, showcasing an unrestrained vision of the brand’s potential. The surprising creation that rose above all from the unveiled projects was a futuristic-looking minivan, a far cry from the sports cars and supercars Porsche is known for.

Outside the Box Design: A Futuristic Minivan with a Spin

Unlike conventional sports cars known to the Porsche breed, the Vision Renndienst comes as a breath of fresh air. It was visualized with an electric powertrain, and an interesting central driver’s seat layout akin to designs seen on McLaren F1, Speedtail, and so forth. It, however, offers more practicality than its counterparts by fitting in five extra seats at the back. The asymmetrical sliding doors, in addition, provide unrestrained access to the vehicle’s interior.

Inside Vision Renndienst: Unusual Interiors

The interior is particularly peculiar, featuring innovations such as the floating headrests, a completely flat floor with batteries crammed underneath, and mirror-replacing side camera screens flanking the instrument cluster. Indeed, the futuristic frame houses one of the strangest minivan greenhouses ever seen, including touch controls on the doors and ceiling.

Vision Renndienst: A Vision of Possibility

Much to the dismay of Porsche purists, the Vision Renndienst was never meant to hit the production lines. It was merely a fun demonstration of what Porsche could achieve when they let their imagination run wild, serving as a tribute to the classic Volkswagen Transporter-based Porsche Service Vehicles.

The Legacy of Unseen Concepts: The ‘Unseen’ Series

While the Vision Renndienst was arguably not the most exciting piece of the automaker’s ‘Unseen’ series, the lineup also offered captivating concepts like the 911 Safari and Macan Safari, the 919 Street, the Vision Spyder, the 904 Le Mans Living Legend, and a Vision Turismo that eventually birthed the Taycan model. These unseen concepts give us a glimpse into the wider possibilities of what the future of Porsche might look like.

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