Chevy Blazer EV Luggage Capacity Test: What Can Fit in the Trunk?

The Chevy Blazer EV is making a comeback after a rocky start, offering a well-executed and versatile electric vehicle option for families. In this article, we will focus on the cargo capacity of the Blazer EV and compare it to its EV competitors and gas-powered SUVs of similar size.

The Blazer EV offers 25.5 cubic-feet of cargo space behind the back seat, which increases slightly to 25.8 cubic-feet with a sunroof. While these figures are on the lower end for the segment, they are still competitive with other midsize electric SUVs like the Kia Niro Electric. However, they fall short compared to class-leading compact SUVs and some other electric SUVs such as the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Tesla Model Y.

### Deep Cargo Space with Tapering Roofline
The cargo space in the Blazer EV is deep but the roofline tapers aggressively, which is a common design feature in this segment. This may affect the practicality of loading larger items into the cargo area.

### Underfloor Storage Space and Floor Prop-Up String
The Blazer EV comes with underfloor storage space, but it may not be large enough for bigger items. Additionally, the floor prop-up string and hook are useful features for organizing and securing cargo in the trunk area.

### Luggage Test Results
In a luggage test, the Blazer EV was able to accommodate two midsize roller suitcases, two black roll-aboard suitcases, and a smaller green roll-aboard suitcase along with a fancy overnight bag. While the cargo space was adequate for these items, it fared slightly worse compared to some of its electric SUV competitors like the VW ID.4 and Kia EV6.

### Cargo Cover and Rearview Camera Features
The Blazer EV tested did not come with a cargo cover, which may affect the security and privacy of items stored in the trunk. However, the optional Convenience and Driver Confidence package includes a digital rearview camera that can improve visibility when loading items up to the roof of the cargo area. This feature can be beneficial for maximizing cargo space while maintaining safety on the road.

### Conclusion
Overall, the Chevy Blazer EV offers decent cargo space for its size, with practical features like underfloor storage and a floor prop-up string. While it may not have the largest cargo capacity in its segment, it is a competitive option for families looking for an electric SUV with versatile cargo capabilities.

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