Check Out the Unique Pop-Out Rear Quarter Windows of Rivian R2

The world of automaking is witnessing a revolution, thanks to newcomers such as Rivian who are pushing the envelope of innovation. Rivian, debuting in the industry with contemporary Electric Vehicles (EV), pays a homage to past off-roader designs with unique features in their latest 2026 R2 model. This article explores these details more closely, highlighting how the new model designs balance the past and the future.

The Rivian Appeal

Rivian stands out as one of the latest entrants on the automotive scene. Beyond crafting modern EVs, the automaker demonstrates nostalgia for past off-roaders. A remarkable example is the pop-out rear quarter windows on the brand-new 2026 R2. Pop-out rear quarter windows are reminiscent of older car and truck models that employed them for increased airflow and reduced cabin pressure, an essential feature before the advent of car air conditioning.

Reviving the Open-Air Experience

Rivian did extensive homework to introduce a feature that enhances the open-air experience. When unveiling the R2, CEO RJ Scaringe explained, “We leverage the negative pressure off the back of the vehicle to pull natural air through and it creates this beautiful open-air feeling.”

The R2 Unveiled

The R2’s standout feature is the rear glass, which slides seamlessly into the tailgate, a classic characteristic of full-size Jeeps, and a Toyota 4Runner hallmark. Scaringe believes this design element further augments the sense of airiness within the cabin. The convenient design also makes it easy to carry longer items, such as surfboards, making it a suitable option for adventures and outings.

Rivian’s Balance between Past & Future

These small but noticeable nods to the past in a highly futuristic car make Rivian’s R2 an appealing option. It’s these charming elements that allow Rivian to harmoniously blend old and new, impacting the future of automaking.

Rivian Challenges the Norm

As a new entrant in the EV market, Rivian defies conventions with unique design elements that marry the appeal of past off-roader designs with modern innovation. The 2026 R2 model resonates with this ethos, right from pop-out rear quarter windows to power-sliding glass. The brand, thus, portrays itself as a compelling option for those looking for a future-oriented car with a sense of nostalgia.

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