Bugatti to Unveil Next Generation V-16 Chiron Successor on June 20th

Bugatti is set to unveil the successor to the Chiron, with a launch date scheduled for June 20th this year. The new model will feature a bespoke design that takes inspiration from iconic Bugatti models such as the Type 57 SC Atlantic, Type 41 Royale, and Type 35, emphasizing beauty, luxury, and performance. The new car will be powered by a naturally aspirated V-16 hybrid engine, a departure from the quad-turbocharger setups found in the Veyron and Chiron. The new engine is rumored to have a displacement of 8.3 liters, producing around 1,000 horsepower and capable of revving up to 9,500 rpm. With three electric motors, the combined output could reach 1,800 hp, enabling impressive acceleration figures such as 0-62 mph in two seconds and a top speed of 277 mph.


Bugatti is known for creating some of the most exclusive and high-performance supercars in the world, catering to a niche market of one-percenters who demand nothing but the best. With the launch of the Chiron successor just around the corner, enthusiasts and collectors are eagerly anticipating the unveiling of the new model. Set to be revealed on June 20th, the new Bugatti promises to continue the brand’s legacy of blending luxury, beauty, and performance in a single package. Let’s take a closer look at what we know so far about the upcoming Bugatti model.

1. Bespoke Design Inspired by History

The new Bugatti model will feature a bespoke design that draws inspiration from some of the brand’s most iconic models, including the Type 57 SC Atlantic, Type 41 Royale, and Type 35. These classic Bugattis are revered for their timeless design and engineering excellence, and the new model aims to carry on that tradition. Bugatti has stated that the design was “engineered from the ground up,” suggesting a unique approach to creating a visually captivating and aerodynamically efficient supercar.

2. Revolutionary V-16 Hybrid Engine

One of the most significant departures from the Veyron and Chiron is the new naturally aspirated V-16 hybrid engine powering the upcoming Bugatti model. In contrast to the quad-turbocharged setups of its predecessors, the new engine is rumored to have a displacement of 8.3 liters and produce around 1,000 horsepower. With the addition of three electric motors – two on the front axle and one integrated into the eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox – the combined output could reach a staggering 1,800 hp. This innovative powertrain is expected to deliver exceptional performance figures, including lightning-fast acceleration and a blistering top speed.

3. Unparalleled Performance and Exclusivity

The Chiron successor is poised to set new benchmarks for performance, with rumors suggesting acceleration figures of 0-62 mph in just two seconds and a top speed of 277 mph. The new Bugatti is also expected to be more exclusive than its predecessors, with reports indicating that only 250 examples will be produced. This limited production run makes the new model even more desirable for collectors and enthusiasts who value rarity and exclusivity in their supercars.

4. Future-Focused Technology and Innovation

Bugatti’s decision to equip the new model with a hybrid V-16 engine demonstrates the brand’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology and innovation. By incorporating electric motors into the powertrain, Bugatti is able to enhance both performance and efficiency, creating a supercar that delivers exhilarating thrills while also being environmentally conscious. The integration of advanced technology and a focus on sustainability underscores Bugatti’s position as a leader in the hypercar segment.

5. Anticipated Delivery and Future Prospects

While the official reveal of the Chiron successor is just around the corner, deliveries are not expected to begin until 2026, indicating that Bugatti is taking a meticulous approach to production and refinement. The new model is already generating significant buzz within the automotive world, with enthusiasts and collectors eagerly awaiting the opportunity to experience the ultimate expression of luxury and performance. With its blend of history, innovation, and exclusivity, the upcoming Bugatti model is poised to captivate audiences and set new standards for hypercars in the years to come.

In conclusion, the upcoming Bugatti model represents a continuation of the brand’s legacy of excellence and innovation. With a bespoke design inspired by classic Bugattis, a revolutionary V-16 hybrid engine, unparalleled performance, limited production run, and a focus on future-focused technology, the Chiron successor is set to redefine the hypercar segment. Enthusiasts and collectors alike eagerly await the official unveiling of the new Bugatti model, eager to experience the blend of luxury, beauty, and performance that has made Bugatti a legendary name in the automotive world.

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