BMW’s M Badges Are Disappearing from Locations


For the past few years, BMW has been placing M badges on the front of its M Performance cars, blurring the lines between the two. This trend started in 2021 with the facelifts of the X3 M40i and X4 M40i and has continued with several other models since then. The latest addition to this lineup is the 2025 M240i, which features the iconic M badge placed unusually low on the air intake. This move has sparked discussions among fans and enthusiasts about BMW’s branding strategy and the differentiation between M Performance models and true M cars.

Unconventional Badge Placement on M240i

BMW’s decision to mount the M badge on the air intake of the M240i instead of the traditional kidney placement has caught the attention of enthusiasts. This unconventional decision has polarized opinions, with some finding it unique and others feeling that it detracts from the car’s overall appearance. The choice of badge placement reflects BMW’s evolving approach to branding and the presentation of its M Performance lineup.

Changes in Nomenclature: The Case of M240i

While the new M135i has dropped the “i” from its name, the M240i retains it, despite BMW’s plans to remove the last character from all gasoline models. This inconsistency in nomenclature across the lineup has raised questions about BMW’s branding strategy and the direction it aims to take with future models. The decision to retain the “i” in the M240i’s name hints at a deliberate choice by BMW to maintain continuity with its existing naming conventions.

Visual Upgrades and Performance Enhancements

In an effort to bridge the gap between M Performance cars and true M models, BMW has introduced visual upgrades and performance enhancements to its lineup. The addition of sportier side mirror caps and quad exhaust systems to models like the M135, X1 M35i, and X2 M35i aims to enhance the overall sporty appeal of these vehicles. The inclusion of these features highlights BMW’s commitment to offering a premium driving experience across its range of M Performance cars.

Sales Strategy and Brand Equity

BMW’s bundling of sales for M Performance cars and full-fledged M models has proven to be a successful strategy, with models like the i4 M50 becoming best-sellers for the M division. By leveraging the brand equity of the M designation, BMW has been able to appeal to a wider range of customers and increase its overall sales. While some purists may express reservations about the dilution of the M brand through the inclusion of M Performance models, BMW’s sales figures indicate that the strategy is yielding positive results.

The Impact of BMW’s Branding Decisions

BMW’s decisions regarding badge placement, nomenclature, visual enhancements, and sales strategies for its M Performance lineup have a significant impact on the perception of the brand and the differentiation between M Performance cars and true M models. As BMW continues to evolve its branding strategy and product offerings, it will be interesting to see how fans and enthusiasts respond to these changes and how they shape the future of the iconic M division.

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