BMW Could Simultaneously Manufacture Gas and Electric M3s

# Introduction
BMW, a renowned automaker, is making significant strides in its mission to electrically power its entire range of vehicles. The M3 sports sedan, the brand’s flagship car, is likely to be one of the first to undergo such transformation. While an electric M3 is still in the pipeline, BMW has stirred the waters with recent revelations of plans of another internal combustion engine (ICE) M3 which would coexist with the electric performer. This article brings to light the current intricacies behind BMW’s electrification journey.

Plans for M3 Electric and Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) variants

BMW’s electrification ride, particularly for the M3 flagship sports sedan is tightly under wraps. However, according to a report from BMW Blog, the automaker is planning to introduce a new ICE M3, which will run parallel to the electric variant. The details of this plan are intricate and interesting with suggestions that the ICE and electric versions of the M3 will not be sharing a platform.

M4 Coupe to Become Fully Electric

The report also presented the future scenario for the M4 coupe, implying that this model will potentially only be available as an electric vehicle. This would suggest that BMW enthusiasts who prefer the straight-six power would only be left with the sedan as an option.

Adoption of the Current 3.0-Liter S58 Engine

BMW Blog has suggested that the upcoming ICE M3 will feature the current 3.0-liter S58 engine, given that it will still comply with emissions rules. This could imply an output of over 500 horsepower, although it is unlikely that the new car will have a manual transmission. The team at BMW M seems to be keen on eliminating clutch pedals at the earliest opportunity.

Quad-Motor Electric M Car

BMW has previously demonstrated a quad-motor electric M car. However, no additional information has been revealed since an initial teaser was released a few months ago. At the time of the teaser launch, BMW was possibly considering providing only this kind of drivetrain in the future M3. However, with lower regulatory pressure, this picture seems to have changed.

Loopholes in Stringent Emissions Regulations

Countries have started stalling bans on ICE vehicles and negligible emissions regulations have been moderated or completely diluted. The European Union has crafted a condition allowing ICE cars to be fueled by synthetic fuels. In the United States, automotive industry pressure has reportedly softened forthcoming EPA regulations.

Given the changing policy scene, it definitely makes sense that BMW has plans to continue releasing the M3 with an ICE, especially if it’s using the same engine as the current generation. However, the final decision lies with BMW and until an official confirmation is released the information should be taken with caution.

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