BMW Considers Developing an Electric M3 Wagon

The automotive world is abuzz with excitement as BMW recently unveiled the refreshed M3 Touring with updated headlights and a slight power increase. However, the real showstopper is the planned 2025 M3 CS special edition, which will boast numerous carbon fiber components and an enhanced engine. Looking further ahead, rumors suggest that BMW’s M division is hard at work on an electric M3 Touring, set to be based on the Neue Klasse architecture specifically designed for electric vehicles.

### The 2025 BMW M3 Touring with an inline-six engine

While the electric M3 Touring is still a few years away, BMW is gearing up to launch a new 3 Series based on the Neue Klasse platform in 2026, with the electric M3 anticipated to follow in 2027 or later. The development of both electric and gas-powered M3 variants has been greenlit, but there is no mention of a traditional combustion-engine M3 Touring successor. The electric M3 Touring is codenamed “ZA1,” and it will be joined by electric M versions of the X3 and X4, referred to as “ZA5” and “ZA7,” respectively.

### The 2022 BMW Vision Neue Klasse previews the 2026 3 Series electric sedan and its M3 variant

BMW M is reportedly working on a dual-motor setup with rear-wheel drive and a quad-motor layout with all-wheel drive, with the M3 models expected to receive the former configuration generating around 700 horsepower. It remains uncertain whether the electric M3 Touring will be offered in the United States, where performance wagons have traditionally been overlooked. However, American buyers can look forward to the upcoming M5 Touring, set to debut later this year.

In conclusion, BMW’s M division is embarking on an exciting electrification journey with plans to introduce electric M variants of popular models like the M3, X3, and X4. With cutting-edge technology and performance upgrades in the pipeline, the future of BMW’s M lineup looks promising and electrifying.

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