BAIC showroom in Qatar officially opened by Future Motors

Future Motors, a division of Business Trading Company (BTC) and Al Rabban Holding, is proud to announce the launch of the BAIC brand in Qatar. With a rich heritage of innovation and excellence, BAIC is one of the largest Government-owned automobile groups in China and has established strategic partnerships with leading global brands. The company offers a diverse range of vehicles, from conventional to electric, and has a strong presence in over 110 countries worldwide. The launch of BAIC in Qatar reflects Future Motors’ commitment to providing innovative, high-quality automotive solutions to the citizens and residents of Qatar.


1. BAIC: A Legacy of Innovation and Excellence
Future Motors introduces BAIC, a renowned Chinese automotive brand with a history of innovation and evolution in the automotive sector. Established in 1958, Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co., Ltd. (BAIC) ranks 162nd in the Fortune 500 and is a key player in China’s automotive industry. The company focuses on quality, excellence, and embracing advanced technologies to meet global trends.

2. Strategic Partnerships and Product Range
BAIC Group has formed strategic partnerships with leading global brands, such as American Motors Corporation, Hyundai Korea, and Mercedes-Benz. The company offers a diverse product range that includes private cars, commercial vehicles, and joint venture brands. BAIC products are sold in 110 countries and regions worldwide, with cumulative sales exceeding 31 million units.

3. BAIC Models Launched in Qatar
Future Motors introduces six BAIC models to the Qatar market, including the BJ80, BJ60, BJ40C, X7, X55 II, and U5 plus. These models cater to a wide range of preferences, from luxury SUVs to sleek sedans. All BAIC models come with a 5-year or 150,000 KM warranty, ensuring peace of mind for customers.

4. Competitive Pricing and Financing Options
BAIC models in Qatar are competitively priced, starting from QR 52,000 for the U5 plus sedan to QR 225,000 for the BJ80 luxury SUV. Future Motors has collaborated with Al Jazeera Finance to provide customers with excellent financing schemes and zero down-payment options. This strategic alliance aims to make car financing easier and more accessible for customers.

5. Visit the BAIC Showroom in Qatar
The BAIC showroom is located at the Barwa Commercial Avenue, offering easy access to customers before Ansar Gallery. Future Motors invites automotive enthusiasts in Qatar to explore the BAIC range of vehicles and experience the luxury, performance, and technology that the brand has to offer. Visit the showroom to discover the latest BAIC models and take advantage of exclusive offers and financing options.

In conclusion, Future Motors’ launch of the BAIC brand in Qatar marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the automotive sector in the country. The partnership with BAIC, along with the availability of diverse models and competitive pricing, underscores Future Motors’ commitment to providing innovative and high-quality automotive solutions to customers in Qatar. Visit the BAIC showroom today to experience the luxury, performance, and technology that BAIC vehicles have to offer.

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