Ajman Taxi Fleet Welcomes 100 Eco-friendly Hyundai Hybrids

The Ajman Transport Authority has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to procure 100 Hyundai eco-friendly hybrid vehicles through a strategic partnership with Juma Al Majid Co., the exclusive distributor for Hyundai in the UAE. These innovative cars, which operate on a combination of petrol and electricity, symbolize a significant step towards sustainability within the Ajman taxi fleet. The collaboration underscores a shared commitment to environmental conservation and forward-thinking transportation solutions, ultimately aiming to enhance customer satisfaction and promote greener travel options.


The Ajman Transport Authority has taken a significant step towards sustainability by partnering with Juma Al Majid Co. to acquire 100 Hyundai eco-friendly hybrid vehicles. These cutting-edge cars will revolutionize the taxi fleet in Ajman, offering passengers a more comfortable and environmentally friendly commuting experience. The partnership exemplifies a shared dedication to innovation and eco-conscious practices, highlighting the commitment of both parties to creating a greener transportation infrastructure in the UAE.

### Strengthening Environmental Conservation Efforts

His Excellency Omar Mohammed Lootah, Director General of the Transport Authority, emphasized the Authority’s dedication to fostering strong partnerships, particularly with Hyundai, to support the UAE’s sustainability goals. By actively engaging in environmental conservation initiatives and promoting eco-friendly transportation options, the Ajman Transport Authority plays a crucial role in improving living standards within the emirate. This strategic alignment with the nation’s vision for sustainability underscores the Authority’s commitment to creating a greener future for its residents.

### Commitment to Sustainable Transportation Solutions

Suliman Al-Zaben, Director of Hyundai UAE, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration with the Ajman Transport Authority, highlighting Hyundai’s dedication to offering sustainable and forward-thinking transportation solutions to customers nationwide. The eco-friendly hybrid vehicles not only minimize environmental impact but also provide drivers with a unique and comfortable travel experience. With advanced hybrid technologies and state-of-the-art features, these vehicles prioritize safety, convenience, and eco-friendliness, setting a new standard for environmentally conscious transportation in the UAE.

### Innovative Features and Advanced Safety Measures

The Hyundai eco-friendly hybrid vehicles boast a range of innovative features and advanced safety measures that enhance the overall driving experience for both drivers and passengers. From robust engines and sophisticated hybrid technologies to a premium sound system and comprehensive safety features, these vehicles prioritize comfort, convenience, and passenger security. High Beam Assist (HBA), Smart Cruise Control (SCC), and rear passenger alert technology are just a few examples of the safety measures integrated into the vehicles to ensure a safe and stress-free journey for all occupants.

### Realizing Environmental Objectives and Sustainable Future

By procuring 100 Hyundai eco-friendly hybrid vehicles, the Ajman Transport Authority and Juma Al Majid Co. are taking significant strides towards achieving their environmental objectives and aligning with the UAE government’s vision for sustainability. This collaborative effort not only promotes eco-friendly transportation solutions but also sets a precedent for other organizations to embrace sustainable practices and contribute to a more environmentally friendly future. The partnership between the Ajman Transport Authority and Hyundai exemplifies a shared commitment to innovation, sustainability, and environmental conservation, paving the way for a more sustainable transportation infrastructure in the UAE.

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