After 30 Years, This 1962 Corvette Shines Like New After a Wash

The Chevrolet Corvette you can buy today is nothing like the first-generation model. The car has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the early 1950s, but the original remains an icon and we hate to see it left to collect dust—like the example above. Thankfully, a thorough wash and detail help restore the sports car to its near-original glory. It had been sitting for 30 years, collecting dust and critter droppings. It spent 20 of them in a barn and another 10 in a warehouse. However, unlike some forgotten vehicles, this one was well taken care of before being put away. While it is filthy, including the interior, the seats are stellar and lack tears or rips. There is also no major exterior damage.

Restoring the Exterior

It looks dirty, not worn out, although there is a ton of mouse poop everywhere. It’s underneath the seats, in the engine compartment, on the engine, and in the trunk. Mice made makeshift homes, too, stuffing debris into crevices, and the car is covered in dirty animal prints ranging from rat to raccoon. The seats are stained, but they look new after the cleaning, with the inserts going from a dingy gray back to black. The carpet presented a challenge due to its foam backing and thick fibers, which trapped a ton of debris, but the pieces look pristine going back into the Chevy.

Interior Transformation

The car’s odometer reads just 11,282 miles, with a sticker from 1987 noting it had been driven 10,985 miles at the time, about two years before the owner parked it for good, and its condition reflects that. The seats look new, the paint still shines with some love, and the cabin looks like a pleasant place to spend a Saturday afternoon—once thoroughly disinfected.

Engine Bay Cleanup

In addition to the exterior and interior, the engine bay required a thorough cleaning as well. The engine was covered in critter droppings and debris, but after some cleaning and detailing, it looked almost new. The engine bay is now tidy and presentable, showcasing the original engine in all its glory. The restoration process also involved checking the engine for any mechanical issues and ensuring it was in proper working condition.

Final Touches and Preservation

After the exterior, interior, and engine bay were cleaned and restored, the final touches were added to make the Chevrolet Corvette shine like new. The paint was polished, the chrome was shined, and the interior was treated with leather conditioner. The tires were also dressed and the entire car was thoroughly inspected for any remaining issues. To preserve the restored condition of the first-generation Corvette, proper storage and maintenance practices will be important moving forward. Scheduled detailing, regular maintenance, and keeping the car in a controlled environment will help maintain its near-original condition for years to come.


Overall, the transformation of the neglected Chevrolet Corvette is a testament to the enduring quality of the first-generation model. Despite sitting for 30 years, the car was able to be restored to its former glory with the right care and attention to detail. The process of cleaning and detailing the exterior, interior, and engine bay brought the sports car back to life, showcasing its timeless design and performance. By following proper preservation practices, the first-generation Corvette can continue to be enjoyed and admired for years to come.

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