Abu Dhabi Motors Unveils BMW’s First Retail.Next Showroom at Inauguration Event

BMW Group recently celebrated the grand opening of their redesigned showroom in Al Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi, marking a significant milestone in the premium car buying experience in the region. The Retail.Next concept, pioneered by BMW, aims to enhance the customer experience by integrating retail and lifestyle centres under one roof.

### Global Executives Celebrate the Grand Opening
The presence of senior BMW Group global executives at the opening underscored the Group’s commitment to redefining customer experiences and satisfaction. Jochen Goller, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG Customer, and other key executives were in attendance to commemorate the occasion.

### Revolutionary Dealership Model
The Retail.Next showroom in Al Khalidiya offers an unrivalled, luxurious experience for BMW, MINI, and Motorrad customers in the region. The space features modern architecture, seamless physical and digital interactions, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere designed to reflect the iconic status of BMW Group brands.

### Ultimate Customer Experience
The redesigned showroom boasts a unified entrance, a single-floor layout, and an encompassing ceiling for a cohesive atmosphere that highlights customers and products. With a fourteen-car display zone, a lifestyle and accessories section, and a BMW Bistro, customers can enjoy a bespoke refreshment while exploring and selecting their preferred BMW and MINI accessories.

### Seamless Blend of Physical and Digital Interactions
The showroom’s design incorporates a seamless blend of physical and digital interactions, creating an engaging environment for customers. The space is based on the new BMW Group corporate identity, ensuring the ultimate hospitality and comfort for visitors.

### Immersive Retail Concept
The grand opening of the Al Khalidiya showroom represents a new chapter in BMW’s legacy in the Middle East, offering an immersive retail concept that elevates the customer experience to the next level. The facility provides customers with a holistic and progressive approach that focuses on customer-centricity, flexibility, and sustainability, delivering a best-in-class premium experience for BMW Group clientele.

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