The Silverado’s Hands-Free Super Cruise Outperforms You in Towing a Trailer

My first experience with hands-free driving assistance was behind the wheel of a Cadillac CT6 Platinum, which featured GM’s Super Cruise technology. Since then, Super Cruise has expanded to several other models, including the Escalade, CT5, GMC Hummer EV, and Buick Envision. The system even allows for hands-free driving with a trailer in tow on select models, providing sensors in the brakes, accelerator, and suspension to estimate the weight of the trailer and cargo on board. Recently, I had the opportunity to test out Super Cruise Trailering with a 22-foot enclosed trailer hitched to a loaded 2024 Silverado 1500 High Country on Interstate 105 near Los Angeles International Airport, facing a variety of real-world driving conditions.

On The Road:
Activating Super Cruise Trailering requires similar steps to the passenger car version of the system. Once on a mapped stretch of road, a gray steering wheel icon appears, turning blue after pressing the Super Cruise button. The driver can then remove their hands from the wheel and cruise in a super way. Enhanced features for Trailering mode include weight sensors for maintaining safe distances, trailer blind spot monitoring, and a side view camera display for better visibility. The system excels in keeping the truck and trailer centered between lanes and providing generous following distances, making highway driving with a trailer less stressful.

Don’t Call It Self-Driving:
As a Level 2 assistance system, Super Cruise still requires the driver to remain alert and ready to take over when needed. Despite limitations, such as confusing lane markings or abrupt maneuvers from other drivers, Super Cruise Trailering proves to be a useful driver assistance system. The centering functionality works consistently, making it a valuable tool for those who regularly tow trailers for work or leisure. Even with a small and light trailer, Super Cruise made the challenging drive across Los Angeles much more manageable.

Overall, Super Cruise Trailering proves to be a reliable and helpful addition for drivers who need to tow trailers. The system’s advanced features, such as weight sensors, blind spot monitoring, and clear side view camera display, make highway driving with a trailer safer and more convenient. While it is not a self-driving system and still requires the driver to remain alert, Super Cruise Trailering offers valuable assistance for navigating challenging driving conditions. With its ability to maintain safe distances, center the truck and trailer in lanes, and provide clear visibility, Super Cruise Trailering is a significant advancement in hands-free driving technology. Whether for work or play, this system offers a welcomed solution for drivers who regularly tow trailers.

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