Building a Car Together


Eight years ago, the author began a college degree in industrial design with dreams of designing cars. However, realizing that designing the whole vehicle wasn’t a typical job, they pivoted their career to journalism. Now, missing the automotive world, the author has decided to build their own car from scratch, combining traditional and electric power sources.

**The Concept**

The author’s plan involves building a lightweight hybrid sports car from scratch using rapid prototyping technology. The key component will be a BMW K1600 motorcycle engine, known for its power and sound. While the project presents challenges, such as adapting the engine to run in a car, the author is determined to make it work. The focus is on creating a precise specification for each part, making it an open-source kit car accessible to anyone with the right tools.


The vehicle will feature an electric powertrain, with the front axle powered by a 35.0-kilowatt electric motor designed for paramotor aircraft. A Toshiba battery pack will provide energy, offering quick charging and high power density. The combination of the motorcycle engine and electric motor creates a unique hybrid setup that enhances performance and efficiency.

**The Hybrid Magic**

The decision to use a hybrid system in the vehicle offers various benefits, including a reverse gear and reduced wear on the engine’s clutch. Additionally, the driver will have control over the electric power delivery, allowing for customization and adjustability during driving. The lightweight and compact nature of the hybrid system complements the small-scale of the vehicle, enhancing overall performance.

**The Chassis And Body**

The chassis of the vehicle will be crafted from laser-cut aluminum tubes, enabling a modular and repeatable manufacturing process. Suspension components will include steel control arms and pushrod suspension to accommodate custom CV axles. Body panels will be 3D-printed and reinforced with composite materials for added strength. The futuristic design of the vehicle will be both functional and visually appealing.

**More To Come**

The author plans to continue documenting the development of the vehicle, sharing updates on various aspects of the project. Future topics may include interior design, progress reports, and challenges faced along the way. Despite the ambitious nature of the project, the author remains enthusiastic and open to feedback from readers.

In conclusion, the author’s endeavor to build a custom hybrid sports car from scratch showcases a blend of traditional and innovative technologies. By combining a powerful motorcycle engine with an electric powertrain, the project aims to create a unique and accessible vehicle for automotive enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey towards building a one-of-a-kind car.

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