All You Need to Know About the New Toyota Prado Land Cruiser

Toyota has recently unveiled the new Prado, known as the Land Cruiser 250, after 14 years of anticipation. The SUV is set to be launched in the UAE on the 24th of June. With various updates and features, the new Prado is expected to set new standards in the SUV market. Here are some of the top things to know about the new Prado launching in the UAE.

1. Land Cruiser 250 or Prado?
Toyota introduced the new SUV as the Land Cruiser 250, but it is highly likely to carry the Prado nameplate in the UAE. The Prado has always been a popular choice in the region, known for its durability and off-road capabilities. With the new updates, the Prado is expected to continue its legacy in the UAE market.

2. New Prado Versions
The new Prado is anticipated to be available in three model variants: standard, 1958 edition, and First Edition. The special editions could be a bonus for UAE customers, offering unique features and styling options. These different versions cater to a variety of preferences and requirements, providing customers with more choices when selecting their ideal SUV.

3. GA-F Platform
The new Prado is built on Toyota’s GA-F platform, designed for tough, off-road-ready SUVs and trucks. This platform enhances the strength and adaptability of the SUV, making it suitable for a wide range of driving conditions. With the GA-F platform, the Prado is expected to offer improved performance and durability, ensuring a reliable driving experience for its users.

4. New Dimensions
Compared to its predecessor, the new Prado boasts larger dimensions, measuring 4,925mm in length, 1,980mm in width, and 1,870mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,850mm. The increased size not only enhances the SUV’s presence on the road but also provides more interior space for passengers and cargo. The longer wheelbase contributes to better stability and comfort, making the new Prado a versatile and practical choice for daily use and off-road adventures.

5. Exterior Design and Features
The Land Cruiser 250 features a boxy exterior design that blends classic Land Cruiser elements with a modern aesthetic. With a distinctive “TOYOTA” grille and boxy fenders, the SUV maintains its iconic design language while incorporating new elements for a refreshed look. The triple headlamp setup, alloy wheels, and adventure-ready features such as roof rails and body cladding enhance the Prado’s functionality and style, catering to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and urban drivers alike.

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