All About the Scout Electric SUV


Volkswagen Group is bringing back the iconic Scout name in the form of an electric SUV and pickup, setting to go into production in 2025. With very little information available so far, teasers have shown a rugged design inspired by the original International Harvester Scout. Both vehicles are expected to be trail-capable and compete with off-road-focused SUVs in terms of price and performance. Here’s a breakdown of everything we know about the upcoming Scout SUV and pickup.

1. **What Will It Look Like?**
The Scout SUV is expected to have a boxy design with minimal overhangs, four doors, and a short wheelbase. Inspired by the Ford Bronco and the original International Harvester Scout, the vehicle will have a high beltline and a boxy aesthetic. The interior is likely to feature traditional off-road elements such as rubberized floor mats and vinyl seating combined with advanced technology. Chief Design Officer Chris Benjamin emphasized the importance of maintaining a functional and tactile interior with hard buttons instead of touchscreens.

2. **What Will It Be Called?**
Scout filed for 50 trademarks in December 2023, potentially hinting at the names for its new vehicles, including throwbacks to the original International Harvester Scout such as Scout 80 and Scout 800. New names like Cultivator, Reaper, Spirit, Harrow, and Rallye were also included in the list. These names could work well with the brand’s new SUV or pickup models.

3. **What’s Under The “Hood?”**
Both the Scout SUV and pickup will be electric, featuring a unique platform developed specifically for off-roading. The vehicles are expected to have a dual-motor setup with all-wheel drive, and possibly three- or four-motor configurations. The platform could also be used for other VW Group models, as Audi is reportedly considering a Scout-based SUV. With a focus on robustness and capability, VW aims to offer the Scout SUV with a range of around 400 miles and 300 hp.

4. **How Much Will It Cost?**
To remain competitive with vehicles like the Bronco and Wrangler, the Scout SUV will be priced around $40,000 or slightly higher. This pricing puts it in line with the competitors, making it an attractive option for buyers seeking an electric off-roader. The factory where the Scout SUV and pickup will be built in Columbia, South Carolina, will have an annual capacity of up to 250,000 vehicles and support 4,000 permanent jobs in the area.

5. **Where Will It Be Built?**
The dedicated Scout factory in South Carolina will be home to the production of the SUV and pickup models. Other models may follow, as VW Group invests in the facility to support production. The SUV platform will be developed in Austria alongside Magna Steyr, known for producing vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz G-Class and Toyota Supra. Prototypes for the Scout SUV are expected to appear in late 2024, with production starting in 2025 and an on-sale date towards the end of 2026.

The revival of the Scout brand by Volkswagen Group with electric SUV and pickup models marks an exciting development in the automotive industry. With a focus on off-road capability, rugged design, and competitive pricing, the Scout vehicles aim to attract buyers looking for adventure and community in their off-roading experiences. Stay tuned for updates on these electric off-roaders as more information becomes available.

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