2026 Honda Prelude: Complete Overview

The Honda Prelude Concept was revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show, sparking excitement among fans of the brand. Honda has confirmed that the Prelude concept will make it to production, although it will feature a hybrid powertrain rather than a purely sporty engine. While the final production version is expected to closely resemble the concept, it is uncertain whether Honda will sell it in the US. Here’s what we know so far about the new Honda Prelude.


The Honda Prelude Concept debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show, generating a buzz among enthusiasts. Honda has confirmed that the Prelude concept will eventually go into production with a hybrid powertrain. While the final version is likely to resemble the concept, it remains uncertain if it will be available in the US. Below, we detail what we know about the new Honda Prelude so far.

### What Will It Be Called?

Honda’s new coupe will revive the iconic Prelude name, which was previously used for the company’s two-door sports car from 1978 to 2001. The new Prelude will replace the discontinued Civic and Accord Coupes in Honda’s lineup and pave the way for upcoming electric vehicles from the brand.

### What Will the Honda Prelude Look Like?

The Prelude concept previewed a sleek two-door hybrid coupe with classic coupe proportions. The production model is expected to closely mirror the concept, featuring a short rear deck, a long hood, and clean design lines. While the interior has not been revealed, it may include unique Prelude branding and special seats.

### How Big is the Prelude?

Reports suggest that the new Prelude will be similar in size to the Toyota GR86 sports car, being two inches longer and slightly wider. It will have a 2+2 seating layout for four passengers and a comparable wheelbase to the Toyota.

### What Will Power the Prelude?

Honda has confirmed that the Prelude will have a hybrid powertrain with two electric motors. It is expected to use a 2.0-liter e:HEV engine, designed to produce around 207 horsepower, slightly more than the Civic and Accord hybrids. The coupe will likely feature a continuously variable transmission, emphasizing efficiency over pure performance.

### Will Honda Sell the Prelude in America?

While Honda showcased the Prelude concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show, it has not officially confirmed if the model will be available in the US. However, the company is developing both left- and right-hand drive configurations, suggesting a potential US release. Honda is gauging customer interest in bringing the Prelude to America.

### How Much Will the Prelude Cost?

Honda aims to position the Prelude as a premium offering above the Civic and Toyota GR86. In Japan, the Prelude is priced higher than the GR86, indicating a premium positioning. If the model arrives in the US, it could start around $30,000 to compete with the GR86, offering a balance of performance and efficiency.

### When Will the Honda Prelude Go on Sale?

Although the Prelude Concept debuted in 2021, the production model is not expected to go on sale until 2025 as a 2026 model. The global rollout may occur in stages, with potential delays for US customers. Stay tuned for updates on the release of the highly anticipated Honda Prelude.

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